Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Queen of Wands represents a sound association of the ladylike, patient, steady, and warm, with the activity and strength, given by the prime example of Fire that the suit of Wands has a place with. She is human and others conscious, the Sunset in female environmental factors, and the one to offer help to everyone around her who are prepared to develop.

She is aware of herself first, stately, and prepared to leave another abandoned on the off chance that they aren’t willing to assume liability for their doings and their own life. She is a thoughtful pioneer, an authority with unbelievably significant standards and all the sympathy expected to contact them with cooperation and utilizing qualities and abilities of those encompassing her.

She sees her HR unmistakably, and the light in others is just about as clear as her own. This card requires explicitness, dependability, and a stately, liberal methodology, with enough comprehension for another yet significantly more regard for the Self. It is simply the affection, pardoning for being just human, and the feeling of administration that is hued by harmony, trust, and a consistent street to progress.

The Queen of Wands states that you are cheery, gutsy, and decided. You are here to see through your imaginative dreams and life reason, even despite affliction and challenge. Exceptionally self-actualized and mindful, you realize how to best channel your qualities and shortcomings to accomplish your objectives.

You are hopeful and loaded with thoughts to impart to other people. You understand what you need and how to get it and are unbelievable at drawing in with others to accomplish your objectives. Stay savagely decided and zeroed in on your objectives while being cordial and idealistic with people around you.


As it were, the Queen of Wands associates qualities of the Sun and the Moon, this making her romantic tales genuine, developed, and loaded up with deference and common arrangement. The remainder of this suit is gone to enthusiasm; however, this card consolidates the helpless inside the intuitive, enthusiastic and uncontrolled, and carries equilibrium and security to every relationship in our lives.

It may show single people that the individual they have been searching for is now a piece of their life or that they are in a period of progress to “adulthood” where they presently don’t look for a similar sort of fervor from a bond. Long haul connections have a partner in the Queen, as she wouldn’t abandon her objective of a development association and knows where sound limits lie.


A vocation perusing perceives the Queen of Wands as the individual in the situation of force that will join those working underneath her in the mud if fundamental, to show that she comprehends that we are altogether human.

She is a phenomenal and regarded pioneer and shows the capacity of the individual to identify with workers and collaborators in all situations, to amazing specialists with similar regard as the individuals who are simply beginning. The equilibrium held here takes more than experience. It includes a fine childhood or an individual to conquer inconveniences in her genealogy, being thankful even to some requesting characters who wounded her en route.


With the Queen of Wands engaged with health perusing, we can be certain that help will come through others and our capacity to perceive esteem in things around us. Ready to perceive what is correct and what’s going on, our ethical goals may very well save us on the off chance that we have an issue to manage.

We can place our trust in possession of the individuals who are in driving positions, specialists, specialists, and healers, everything being equal. The existence of power in this card is solid, and all in all, it talks about a decent way of life that gives adequate space for rest and processing encounters in manners that don’t leave profound scars on one’s physiology.


Queen of Wands is set in a turned-around position when we should discover balance to succeed. It will not endure childishness or deeds done to pursue exploitative objectives or cash, only for it. This woman needs us to follow our energy serenely, certain about our capacity to accomplish what we came here to accomplish.

This setting shows that we are questioning ourselves to an extreme, have faith in such a large number of things that aren’t our inward truth, and that we need to beware of our ethical objectives before moving any further.


Past - Queen of Wands shows in our past discussing the great direction and how we have taken care of specific circumstances, noble and empathic enough, mindful that we are adequate similarly as we are.

This card returns us to the center of individual worth that the picture we wish to show depends on, of good deeds we do out of the presence of mind and the ethical basis to help our internal world. This is a benevolent deed that we decided to do, offering our favors to those willing to share our motivation.

Present - This card arrives in a period of strength when we are intended to remain in position rather than surrender to anybody’s impact. It ensures us with its decent environment, helping us to remember the character we wish to support and the extraordinary individual we as of now are, the point at which we are acting naturally. Its message is frequently there to get us far from tuning in to sick exhortation or control, to stand our ground, and help ourselves to remember the steady touch with our innovative force that we need to clutch in our interest for bliss.

Future - If the Queen of Wands is your future partner, she brings consistent and legitimate achievement. There is a line of experts in her arrangement, and when we do what we need to complete, we will arrive at our progression and new positions. Things create easily, moving advances at a characteristic speed, and we shouldn’t be too stressed over the result. The clearness of the noble methodology of this card reminds us what we are looking for and that we should scrub our universe of harmful impacts today so that we can move on top of our hearts.