Seven of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Seven of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Seven of Cups, Dreams
Category: Minor Arcana: Cups
Direct position: Difficulties, wrong choice, creative breakthrough
Reversed position: Fear of success, disappointment, false promises

Seven of Cups: General Meaning

Seven of Cups: Tarot Card

Direct position

The main meaning of the card is that every choice that the fortuneteller thinks about is already predetermined by fate, that is, the very fact of choice is an illusion, a deception. In addition, the card can also be interpreted as an erroneous choice that does not carry anything good in itself. In some cases, Arkan also indicates that there are too many options, it is difficult to decide, to come to the only right decision.

The Seven of Cups is sometimes a symbol of a person who lives in dreams, not wanting to be in reality. Women in love are especially guilty of this, they idealize their partner, not wanting to notice the obvious bad traits of his character. Then the card foreshadows an event that will return to reality, bring disappointment. The lasso can warn the fortuneteller about deceit, health problems against the background of alcohol or even drug abuse.

Sometimes the Seven of Cups is a sign of help and support for loved ones when it is really needed on the way to achieving the goal. Help cannot be rejected, otherwise a favorable outcome can not be expected.

Reversed position

In such a position, Arkan is also interpreted as an erroneous choice, but entailing complications and additional problems, the solution of which also remains to be found. The Seven of Cups in this position symbolizes a person who is in the real world, he has to solve problems and achieve his goals.

If the alignment turned out to be negative, then the card is a sign of disappointment and missed opportunities that could raise the fortuneteller’s life to a new level. There is a possibility that the opportunities are not used because of the fear of success.

The one who makes the alignment simply does not understand how to behave in a situation where fate will change anger to mercy, generously bestowing good luck in business. Arkan in some cases denotes the right choice, which will bring good luck in all matters.

Seven of Cups: Meaning in love and relationships

Seven of Cups: Tarot Card

Direct position

When a deal is made for love, the Seven of Cups is a sign of self-deception. A person does not want to see reality, it is convenient for him to observe only what he himself wishes. Such an Arkan warns that the partner is not as perfect as it seems through the prism of rose-colored glasses. Trust in a spouse is not justified, most likely, the second half cheats or deceives even in small things.

The Seven of Cups sometimes symbolizes certain sexual preferences that are condemned by society. The card also indicates the fact that the fortuneteller is overly attached to his partner, dependent on him in the full sense of the word. Such relationships, as a rule, do not end well. They often have a dominant that can humiliate verbally and with assault.

Reversed position

In this position, Arkan foreshadows the fact that the person who makes the alignment leaves the veil from the eyes regarding the second half. This can be facilitated by very unpleasant circumstances that will bring not only disappointment in a partner, but also suffering, depression. In the current situation, the main thing is to understand that such a turn of events is beneficial.

The Seven of Cups is a warning of betrayal, an indication of senseless hopes in relation to a spouse.

Seven of Cups: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

In a situation, the card is a sign of confusion. The fortuneteller does not understand and cannot explain what is happening, how to solve the current problem. One of the most difficult choices in life may appear before you, you will have to bear responsibility for it until the end of your days.

Perhaps it is worth making a compromise so as not to rush from one extreme to another, to be the winner (at least to a lesser extent, but still). It is impossible to get everything at once, you should not puzzle over it. Do not follow your heart, think carefully before making your choice.

Reversed position

Don’t delay! It is always difficult to come to any choice, but procrastination is not an option. It is worth acting, carefully weighing all the options in your head. Disappointment is an adequate response to the wrong choice, but if there are many alternatives, the choice is not so easy.

Let go of your emotions, they only get in the way, the energy goes in the wrong direction, it is worth directing it to achieve real goals. Do not miss the allotted opportunities, they will definitely help solve the problem. Even if you make a mistake, don’t give up, keep moving forward. A wrong move is just a life lesson that needs to be learned.

Seven of Cups: Meaning of the card of the day

The Seven of Cups advises today to be in a clear mind to pay attention to all the little things. Don’t be deceived, especially don’t lie to yourself. Do not accept any offers on this day, even if they seem to bring success, they are not.

Fate is testing you. Do not drink alcohol, which will disturb the sobriety of the mind. In this state, you are especially vulnerable.

Choose which path to follow to achieve your goals. Do not rush from side to side, it greatly knocks you off the final course, and success will not fall on your head just like that.

Seven of Cups: Board Card

In the near future, you should be careful in everything. Unjustified risk is not what is needed now. Pay special attention to every step you take, otherwise you may fall into the abyss of your own failures, from which it is difficult to get out.

Any business recently started may turn out to be hopeless and unpromising. If in doubt, double-check your decision several times. This rule should be used not only in a career, but also in personal affairs.

Seven of Cups: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
be under the influence of dope; stupid fantasies
Ace of Wands
alluring visions; inspiration from creative imagination
Ace of Cups
love dreams
Ace of swords
dubious idea; ghostly victory
Ace of Pentacles
thoughts about finance
succumb to illusions; deceit, fraud
King of Wands
desire to express yourself and your ideas
King of Cups
King of swords
King of Pentacles
unexplained circumstances
Queen of Wands
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
Queen of Pentacles
life in an imaginary world
false or unplanned pregnancy
Knight of Wands
much ado about nothing
Knight of Cups
Knight of Swords
decisive but too hasty plan
Knight of Pentacles
no visible results
family or business plans
Page of Wands
a nebulous idea that needs careful study
Page of Cups
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
unrealistic view of life
be deceived in who you trust
Two of Wands
tempting but vague prospects
Two of Cups
vague and false promises
Two of Swords
Two of Pentacles
fluctuations in choice; scattered thinking
confusion in relationships
Three of Wands
unexpected result; unpredictability; fuzzy guidance
Three of Cups
collective design
Three of Swords
bitter surprise
Three of Pentacles
wrong direction; dream of travel
Four of Wands
feast-related problems
Four of Cups
unfinished project
Four of Swords
visualization process
Four of Pentacles
think in a pattern
vain hope to take control
Five of Wands
fight for ideas
Five of Cups
pessimistic thoughts
Five of Swords
deceiver; revenge
Five of Pentacles
plans leading to ruin; sick imagination
be in a fog
Six of Wands
aimlessness; lose your head
Six of Cups
a mistake in the past
Six of Swords
change of plans
Six of Pentacles
financial fraud
be in the “dead” zone
Seven of Wands
financial fraud
Seven of Cups
Seven of Swords
cunning plan; envious thoughts
Seven of Pentacles
re-evaluation of the project; long term project
biased assessment of the situation
Eight of Wands
false promises; crooked track
Eight of Cups
Eight of Swords
in captivity of illusions; limited imagination
Eight of Pentacles
secret deal; the process of thinking; transition from theory to practice
failure due to unrealistic expectations
Nine of Wands
unfounded suspicions; conjectures
Nine of Cups
alcohol abuse
Nine of Swords
failed plans
Nine of Pentacles
shady deal
not see the reality of the ongoing changes
Ten of Wands
excessive fantasies
Ten of Cups
public opinion
Ten of Swords
the collapse of the plan
Ten of Pentacles
family related surprise
bring expectations closer to reality; adjustment of plans
obsessive or vicious fantasies; alcohol or drug addiction
ruined plans; disillusionment
dreams; dreams
delusion; delusions; rich imagination; alcohol or drug abuse
clarify plans
mistakes we pay for
big plans