Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Seven of Cups
  • Planet: Neptune
  • keywords: Idealism, Talent, Illusion
  • Affirmation: My aura is bright and shines with creative energy.


There is a way of magic, vision, and emotions unchained within the Seven of Cups. The cardboard is the mission in itself and a reminder of the religion we stock within. It connects us with spiritual guidance and speaks of important tasks and the ties needed to be overcome to succeed in this position in time. We are looking at our readiness to allow our Soul to evolve freely. It’ll enrich us with vision, special dreams, and ways to manifest them and show us the best we are meant to do. Like Neptune and its ideological role, this is often rarely such a transparent card to seek out near any personal goals or important relationships. Because it might have the image, bringing too many things into one big mush of atmosphere, where we idealize quite what we create. What’s clear is its acceptance of the flow of emotion. The talents that are used for personal growth until we live the dream. It points dead set things meant to inspire us and show our calling meant to maneuver us forwards through and over any world’s challenges.


Dreamy and a small amount distant, this card represents falling smitten because the source of inspiration enriches our lives. Still, it also brings illusions and idealism that doesn’t exhaust realistic limitations of the opposite person. It’ll often speak of platonic love stories that don’t turn someone’s muse. Thus, the source of inspiration that’s meant to remind us of our inner value instead of manifest through daily physical contact. Influences from the side should bring down to a minimum to see what the exchange of shared emotions needs to show because of the solid foundation of a relationship.


Seven of Cups is also inspiring and motivational when found in a very career reading, except for strict surroundings with little artistic input. It’s more often proof that something is finished behind our back. It’s the cardboard of too many opportunities when our choice of direction is hazy and unclear. Also, it shows toxic influences, strange atmospheres in our workplace that require to be acknowledged. The foremost sensitive side to our personality gives us the proper feel to follow. Rather than trying to be rational, one should believe their hunch and move just one step at a time rather than planning anything big.


Letting attend the flow is the premise of the Seven of Cups. Letting unhealthy ties of our heart and mind to others or toxins we inhale or attempt to digest from our surroundings. It’s going to signify all those health conditions that are impossible to diagnose or determine the foundation. It tells us to stay far from any medicine that hasn’t been checked as harmless, the maximum amount possible. An individual with this setting should kindle a second opinion and switch to alternative healing techniques. Whatever you are doing, make sure to go to only the professionals with proper training and education. Otherwise, interpretations of your physical state might become strange and even harder to know.


The Seven of Cups in an exceedingly reversed position is shady. Its fog won’t lift until we can face emotions we’ve been chasing from and shows that our links to the past are much stronger and far deeper than we thought. Wrong information and convictions are accepted as one’s truth. Therefore, the Soul yearns for liberation from the imposed assumption system instead of building healthy relationships and interactions. It points to us having to hide from the pain. It provides dishonesty towards Self to preserve the image of safety that offers us any sense of peace, even after we know it isn’t truly satisfying or healthy.


Past - Influences on our inner world were made that left their mark to the present day. They could make us vulnerable if we haven’t had an opportunity to metabolize certain traumas. Still, they’re going to show often the skills we already discovered and the responsibility to use. This card is found within the past to point out the time after we have touched the Divine. Communicated with spirit guides or followed the dream that we want to be reminded of today.

Present - Seven of Cups suggests caution, even as very much like it suggests going with the flow. It’s a confusing entity that advises us to show solitude so we can see things. Emotions of others reach our core and make a blur in our mind that can’t be overcome with ease. The body needs attention. Our boundaries must be spiritual, energetic, and emotional simultaneously, instead of purely physical as we frequently perceive sufficient.

Future - Any future reading with the Seven of Cups seems a small amount distant and vague. If we aren’t willing to travel all the way and find the direction that mixes all our desires into one. Time is required here, moreover as our dedication to seeking the middle ground. It’s the connecting point where we will do things that touch our heart, connect with a partner physically, emotionally, and mentally. Look after our body until we can ground our visions in their entirety. Lots of religion is required, but with it – anything is feasible.