Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings - The Astrology Zodiac Signs

  • Tarot Card: Seven of Wands
  • Planet: Mars
  • keywords: Attack, Blunt, Defenses
  • Affirmation: I endure, stable and calm.


While the Seven of Wands is usually interpreted as someone’s attack and things that will cut our “oxygen supply” and dramatically push us around through change, it’s, of course, the tarot card of individual boundaries that we must hold on to once we are responsive to being in our rightful position. This card wants us to seek out grounding, strong, and practical enough not to be thrown off the beam simply because of small setbacks or reduced meddling and attempts of others to feed off our success. It’ll question our priorities, make us weak to form us even stronger, and entail our internal instincts and anger to come back to the surface, so we will truly prove that we warrant the battle that we feel the Universe wanted us to perform. Conflict is also one part of the images. Still, it won’t necessarily be a fight or a quarrel during a good judgment. This conflict could be available in unusual ways, suddenly and from people we don’t expect disagreements with, shown through manipulation, third parties, or shady interference with our work.


This card brings usurpers into the image. If someone is already romantically involved, it speaks of a brute or an aggressively sexual person who will meddle into the steadiness of their bond. There is, of course, a crowd. Still, trust can be tested here because both partners can determine the everyday needs for a long-term, loving, and committed relationship to succeed. Single people might be surprised by encounters that are too pushy and colored in an excessive amount of initiative for his or her timeline. A few could be the topic of adoration for someone who doesn’t have the emotional capacity to create a healthy and mature opening in any direction.


Seven of Wands is vividly a competitor and someone we must defeat on our path to greatness. It can be someone who is interfering with our plans, and it doesn’t have to be an individual within the outer world. It would show our inner battle of priorities. To carry on to individual boundaries and self-respect, we must fight to be acknowledged. Our accomplishments from the past could get forgotten for a flash because somebody else dazzled and shone with small trinkets of meaning in their deeds. Remember your worth. The number of ideals you’re trying to pursue and all your desires will truly fill in your way.


This card shows troubles with one’s system and the intense response to outer allergenic influences and toxic encounters of any kind. It would bring a high fever as our internal battles rage on and affect our entire sense of stability, interfering with our sense of balance and our system. Physical strength and routine have to be maintained, with training made the foremost common, natural part of life. Moreover, movement should be emphasized as our vitamin intake and getting enough rest might get us through the days of crisis without a scratch.


In a reversed position, Seven of Wands isn’t exactly your ally and desires to be read well to be fully understood. Other than pointing us into contemplation about our energies, it requires energetic work, contact with our ancestors, and determining which person in our ancestral line had its goal to forestall such growth that we are now obviously able to achieve but are constantly thrown astray. Primarily, this card is the test of religion and dedication to the heartfelt missions in life, but when upside-down, it requires a replacement level of commitment to the Self, where we recognize the importance of those who stood before us and left us in certain strange and hidden conflicts to resolve.


Past - The positioning of the Seven of Wands within the past is somewhat strange, for it shows the loop of affirmation and conflict, acknowledgment and struggle, and makes us ask ourselves if we’ve truly won now around. It’ll either put us within the role of a critical observer who forces opinions and attitudes on other people’s healthy energetic flow or speaks of obstacles seen in others and their aggression that we did or didn’t manage to resist. Things got easier as we created far and recognized the special force of impact of outer influences.

Present - With this card to talk of our current state of mind, heart, and situation, it’s obvious that the Universe itself is testing us. We have to ask ourselves how important the thing we are attempting to guard truly is to our heart. If it’s on top of your priority list, shake off any outer influences, hurtful comments, or aggressive meddling and approaches, and pass on until you’ve reached the goal that inspired you for an extended time.

Future - Set within the future reading, Seven of Wands shows the change that may require our flexibility. Relationships and issues at work may well be cut in half, leaving us lonely or hurt, and that we are to work out that plenty more must happen so as for our bonds and structures to be broken. Here, it gives us clarity and wisdom to not get entangled in meaningless quarrels or conflicts that remove our energy, as if it had been a pointer to organize us for things that we’d lack the strength to beat and face if we spend our energy now.