Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Six of Cups
  • Planet: Sun
  • keywords: Joy, Inner Child, Memories
  • Affirmation: My heart is filled with joy.


Six of Cups might be a superb card to watch out for in any reading. It addresses our pure touch with the internal identity. Indicating safety, understanding nature. The essence of freedom to light shows positive emotions, joyful energies, smiling people, and contacts with no ill will. It represents an area where things are clear and obvious between people and us. We feel the necessity to relinquish even as we are thankful for and more. It is often a refreshing state that comes after an enormous storm after we’ve got pulled out of some dark issues and worked on matters that drained us out. Now the satisfaction kicks in as we enjoy the security of the new towers we’ve got built on an honest and authentic foundation. The sense of emotional liberation is here. We are to embrace the new circumstances rather than hold tightly to the past. There’s no necessity to be too serious all the time. In good company, we can find the correct emotional connections.


Deep love and respect are shown by a Six of Cups tarot card. It shows the most profound enthusiastic acknowledgment between two individuals, where weaknesses are unmistakably seen and that we don’t have any reason to cover anymore. The requirement to guard the one we love, shield the creative and innocent a part of our bond, shows our connection’s importance and depth towards them. Partially asexual, this is often a card of fresh love exchange where the direction chosen for the longer term could also be platonic to preserve the state of innocence and care. Still, it’s the essence of any intimacy. It contains the great potential to last and makes when grounded and manifested through physical touch.


Six of Cups could be a card that ought to motivate you and push you forwards when found during a career reading with its invigorating and rich energy. Showing the purity of our motives and doors open for clear, honest, and artistic work, it’s a supportive asset in any reading, especially the one with our professional world. Standing for contact with the inner child, we hung on. It reminds us that we’ve learned enough to induce ahead, take responsibilities to be happy, and stay in an exceeding zone of safety. We are liberated to experiment and connect with others, even as we are.


The card recharging our batteries, Six of Cups teaches us about the physical problems and health issues. The issues can be resolve if we touch the proper link in our memory and find the core of the difficulty. Moreover, it will point to inherited troubles. We have to reconnect with our truest desire that manifests on a physical plane through all types of difficulties. Movement should be genuine, and everyone’s contact should be away from fear for what we haven’t yet had an opportunity to face. It seems to be our priority and responsibility to possess some fun to be healthy and happy in our shoes.


With Six of Cups reversed, we may face some sad choices down the road because it may show our detachment from the inner child and, therefore, the feeling of home we wish to search out. Being open, feeling things from the outer world may hurt our core, and wish to seek the correct distance when referring to others to shield our hearts and still absorb what we’d like to. The learning method seems strangely governed by convictions imposed. Therefore the heart needs guidance found as we look into our inner world.


PAST - A visit down the memory lane Six of Cups could be a solid reminder of our most vulnerable yet most creative and joyous Self. It stands for the contact we once had with our authentic personality before we built defenses to square because of the structure of success today. It’s going to be a reminder of the true value as against those we live today or show how our roots gave us the energy to endure and build what we’ve got. In any case, it’s a reminder of our positive vital force that keeps us going. can

PRESENT - With a card like this one, the emotional crisis has been left behind us. We are now absolute to act with the most effective possible intentions and clarity of ethical judgment. It pushes us forwards, telling us that lack of experience doesn’t endanger productivity or personal happiness. Suppose we are excited and curious about the next step to take. Speaking of unpolluted intimate contacts, it connects us with the correct social circles. It points out those individuals that are special in our life as pillars of support.

FUTURE - Emotions should not interfere with any judgment when the Six of Cups is about our future. There’s no right or wrong here, only the impulse of real, authentic needs and, therefore, the purity of connecting with others, without prejudice or judgment of any kind. It’s a fine mission to figure towards, something to inspire and motivate us along our path. After you see this card in your future, you want to be doing something right as you’re approaching the best of self-acceptance and self-love. At the same time, holding on to healthy, grown-up boundaries.