Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Six of Swords

Planet: Jupiter

Keywords: Learning, Moving On, Hope

Affirmation: I see the true nature of all things in my life.


Representing the time of hope and moving on to a replacement phase of life after we haven’t yet treated our past entirely, but we all know that we must communicate something new now, Six of Swords takes us on a special journey. It’s a card of specific and touchable knowledge, a link between our thoughts and the creation process. It shows us that there’s the simplest way out of an ordeal, however sad or burdened we’d be, and stands for the method of transition and alteration after we don’t see the opposite shore just yet. Here, we are already on a journey and feel that different times and circumstances are previous to us in our hearts. The main target of the inner child has been restored, and an individual is finally on the point of doing what’s best for his or her life’s journey to grow, learn, and expand the essence of the Soul to new heights. This is often a spiritual card with the maximum amount because it is exact and practical. We must understand that its essence isn’t only in moving aloof from painful circumstances or issues, but the instant where our mind connects the dots. It becomes clear that our heart needs nurturing quite anything.


In a romance, the Six of Swords might represent the purpose where a conflict between two people has ended and been resolved, and both of them can evolve and march on, together or separately. All of the required information is already there, and there’s no more dilemma, but the sadness might take over in waves and make us doubt decisions we’ve already made for our wellbeing. Here, it’s important to recollect that we all have our deepest desire to attach to other personalities. Without understanding and compassion, little is going to be achieved in any relationship.


A career is most frequently marked by this card when someone is taking a brand new direction, sometimes even entirely changing the course of their professional expertise. It signifies failures from the past overcome and a replacement position at work that brings more benefit and private satisfaction. But, on the opposite hand, it shows that we are still holding on to certain events that happened and might signify the presence of fear within the face of recent projects and endeavors that we don’t seem to be yet able to fully embrace and metabolize.


A lot of tenderness is required when the Six of Swords is found in an exceeding health reading. It requires time for grieving, self-care, the method of reconnecting with the Self, yoga, training, and every item that allows us to recollect what our actual physical needs are and feel them in their entirety. An extended illness might need to be ended, but we are still covered by a dark cloud of fear and overthinking, unable to feel as healthy as we’ve got an opportunity to be. It signifies chronic conditions and long battles of our system that are finally over, but we want time to work out that we are, in fact, finally free.


The reversed setting of the Six of Swords speaks of the importance of changes that we’d be resisting at the instant. On the other hand, it stands because we wish to rush forward, but we haven’t finished with what was already started and must relive another time. Regardless of the case, there’s a discrepancy between the necessity of time from our inner striving, as if we’ve decided to require the course of destiny into our own two hands when the bite is just too big for us to swallow. Come to terms with the fact that you simply are only human, and every ending in your life has its purpose, in its fullest and best manifestation. As soon as the collective door is closed, a distinct door will open before you.


PAST - The reading for the past with such a powerful symbol of clarity of mind shows that we set sails to return to the present point in time from a worse footing than any situation we face today. There was enough time for grieving and contemplation, our lessons are learned, and that we know exactly what to anticipate this point around. Of course, the identical mistakes shouldn’t be repeated, but we must bear in mind the method we are in, together with its possible ups and downs.

PRESENT - Six of Swords will be available in our reading for this after we are in a very state of mind where we finally understand the case but don’t see our direction just yet. This is often quite a lost moment, once we aren’t tuned in to our movement but feel righteous with our morals set in situ and our knowledge grown and prepared to interact with the globe in new ways. Facts are facts and what happened within the past is on the brink of being left where it belongs – within the past.

FUTURE - Whatever we are praying right away must garner in an exceedingly cycle and move us towards the following step of learning and private development. This card shows that things we are praying on today may well be tougher or disturbing than they appear to be. It reminds us to reevaluate our decisions, check our own heart for signals that we’ve got been missing right along, so we can make sure about the possible toxicity or dangers behind the scenes.