Strength Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Planet: Venus
  • Keywords: Creation, Mother Nature, Life, Courage, Polarities
  • Affirmation: I am connected to the core of the Earth


It’s the tarot card of strength. It speaks quite openly about true strength coming from our inner world and our most feminine, vulnerable sides that require to be in reality with wildness. It gives the instinct to be safe and guarded and powerful enough. It seeks pleasure, forms, and creates life, supports the authority to be expressed in good and caring ways, giving light to things that typically scare us. She is that the actual wild, untamable feminine, Lilith among Eves, and therefore the one to stand as the symbol that the collective hasn’t yet fully embraced all its power.


It is a very passionate card that attaches the masculine and feminine energies in their rawest, intuitive forms and speaks of relationships that come to life. Instincts have to be in restraint and under the careful guidance of emotion. For a love reading, this card shows how important the creative, fiery, feminine side is, showing them how to love themselves as the caregiver. Strength represents the purest power of emotion. It shows the sacrifice, and therefore the freedom one is to hold in their heart for the correct partner. Therefore they love to inspire them and push them on a journey of the mind and heart.


Strength may well be the tarot card coming as a reminder that our professional world shouldn’t be a matter of status and finances without a creative and passionate love for the work. The career reading in question shows that it’s time for a change of pace and routine when individuals embrace their true role, use their talents, and make progress. It brings liberation and one’s ability to stay restrained and respected, yet on a safe distance not to interfere with the inner authority needed for really unique and authentic success. It announces incredible deeds and powerful efforts that would make an individual shine. They’re in reality with the truest childlike beliefs and within the core of their heart while bringing material benefits and treasures as a present for our honesty.


It’s also to some extent where the spine and nerves could get inflamed, slowing down fiery actions in other areas of life. The card can return us to the state of balance of the mind with physiology. It announces a peaceful way to heal, a bit of health found within the right emotion. It will show us the proper path to follow depending on the cards it relates to in the beginning. When feelings have to be released, other cards will show if one must utter, punch a bag, show anger, move out, and have some fun to release the strain to heal slowly.


When strength is reversed, it will speak of deeply painful issues that arise because of misunderstandings and limitations of people and the collective consciousness. It’s a test of confidence and faith, showing us that we must do what we feel is true even once we are deeply insecure and bruised by how we are being treated for our choices. Things look upside-down, as if the vulnerability can not be accepted in a world tainted by the selfishness of personal power.


Past - Strength opened in the past is the talk of solid, artistic contacts and things that have been accomplished in togetherness, within a state of inner balance. The raw and free intent pushed us in a certain direction that doesn’t ask if we are ready for the results. It shows clear and proactive actions, which may have left a large mess but started something grand. It points out all those things that shouldn’t be dismissed simply because several small problems appeared within the past. It’s a beautiful foundation to rise from and build a life from, but only if we are free to cooperate with our vulnerability.

Present -The tarot card of tamed instinctive forces used for incredible things is the complete potential one has opened in one go. Today, it simply points out the many open doors before an individual, flown through without shame and confidently high. It requires faith and commitment, and for one to know that no outer authority or opinion should define the steps that are best felt in their heart. Inner dialogue is required to seek out peace with any negative opinion or judgment coming from others.

Future - When one’s future is colored with strength, everything preceding it would be a touch off, rigid, or they may get stuck during a rut that may push them out of their comfort zones. It evokes incredibly large personal moves, people who can’t be controlled by anyone else. And a time when success comes through the state of inner balance where no project, partner, or move will be chosen by only awareness of the mind. It points us within the direction of the smell and sensations that we typically don’t follow to determine where they lead.


One in each of the cardinal virtues came side by side with Temperance and Justice and went through a change in its design, names, and interpretations. It showed moderation in attitudes towards painful things in life, the balance of accepting what doesn’t come easy on the heart and body. Older card decks show two symbolisms, one with a lady breaking (or holding) a stone pillar and the other with a lion subdued by an individual. It’s also been connected to Babalon, the good Mother, and the Scarlet Woman, a goddess from the occult system of Thelema. Called the “mistress of the beast,” she pointed to the sexual intensity given by the tarot card and, therefore, the tamed instinctive nature that each human carries inside.