Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Ten of Cups
  • Planet: Mercury
  • keywords: Familiar, Shared, Tribe
  • Affirmation: I belong.


Ten of Cups may be a card that shares efforts, emotions, and happiness with a bunch, a family, or a team. It brings the sense of belonging to a greater whole and shows fulfillment in a very social sense. Looking at its surroundings and context, it should speak of the balance or imbalance of non-public with the collective. It asks for a little quiet time and contemplation, as very much like brainstorming with friends and colleagues, until we discover the proper balance to carry on. It’s possible that we’ve found our tribe and that we have plenty to share and reveal within a group. Still, in one interpretation, it’s going to show that we’d lose our value and authenticity to suit if we cross our boundaries. Here, communication seems to be the key and the right link between the emotional world. The feedback we get is satisfying. We often get certain that some collective efforts are on the point of pay off and show valuable results in time.


Moving down the stream, the Ten of Cups often shows in a love reading that we can introduce someone special to our family and friends. It’s the right moment to stick with the collective boundaries set. On the other hand, single individuals might expect to meet someone new within their social circle or find the proper mixture of friendship and love with someone they need to be known for an extended time. The important thing here isn’t to settle or stay stuck in one satisfying outcome, for the abundance of this card won’t allow us to require away our value for the sake of secure emotional choices.


Our profession relies on teamwork when the Ten of Cups takes the spotlight. We must acknowledge the efforts of everyone involved in our project. There’s a way of togetherness and shared ideas that make the atmosphere during a workplace healthy, supportive, and productive. It’s a card of high achievements and points to have to advance to a replacement adventure or challenge if we’ve got within the same place for too long. Our team shouldn’t be the reason we elect our professional direction, but the best of Self we try to share with the remainder of the world. From this foundation, we are going to find the correct group.


Emotional harmony is found in the place where we belong and feel safe in being who we are. It is often a really good card to point out during a health reading. For an instant, we should be attached with others, gather information, and join a bunch that may improve our overall wellbeing. Problems will solve as we share them with others. There seems to be a simple solution to any situation we would be facing. In a very challenging setting, this card might point to thyroid function or neck problems, speech problems. It should be treated by emotional instead of reasonably rational support.


If the Ten of Cups is found reversed, some talents are taken with no consideration and responsibility. It isn’t shared among our social or professional circle members. Frustration may arise if we cannot express ourselves fully. Still, this position might speak of our fear to exit and find the correct group for us. Opinions of others should be taken as lightly as possible. The feedback on our journey and signals must or shouldn’t move in an exceedingly certain direction. All information must be taken from a safe distance, so our authentic personality can remain shielded from outer influences in a very healthy way. Not everything is supposed to be taken personally.


Past - High achievements are attained. We were an element of something much bigger than any solo effort could be. With the Ten of Cups in our past, we will see the image of a cheerful family and people’s moments from our childhood that taught us positive lessons and made us what we believe. It implies the sense of security we once had. However rare it would be, it reminds us that each one we’d like to be supported is already there within our hearts.

Present - Ten of Cups in contact with this time tells us to sit down back, enjoy, and collect the fruits of our efforts, similarly as praise and admiration from others. We shouldn’t rush to new achievements or seek perfection after we are well adjusted to our current surroundings and have an opportunity to rest before moving forwards. Enjoying the instant for a long time won’t push us in an exceedingly rut if we follow our sensations daily and thoroughly assess the proper moment to maneuver on.

Future - Timeline is often the cardboard that asserts group celebrations and successes, showing that our sacrifices to suit certain norms will be well worth the effort. It’s there to light the way towards the correct people and the tribe, making us at liberal to who we are exactly. When it’s set in our future, we have a task, be honest, and express our vision clearly and as carefully as possible. People who understand our motives and aspirations may follow, and skills will be able to share within the most efficient way.