The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: The Fool

Planet: Uranus

keywords: Innocence, Wanderer, Free-spirit, Adventure, Risk

Affirmation: The Universe replies with a smile.


The Fool may be a specific card in an exceeding tarot cards deck because it seems to belong nowhere, while it’s interpreted as an element of the most important arcana. It relates to the element of air and correlates with Uranus, speaking of freedom of thought, knowledge gathered, and therefore the turning point where change is inevitable even as very much like breathing to sustain life. The Fool begins a brand new cycle; it’s the all-knowing energy of the current moment and speaks of all those that carry their knowledge of childlike dedication to the journey of life. This is often a seed of sunshine for the long run, and counting on its position, it’s going to speak of incredible thorough changes that are made in pure regard to one’s inner child.

It’s a symbol of possible perfection, the glimpse of infinity in the creation of life itself. While it should be difficult to be told enough, find our grounding and meet its demands to measure its grandiose plan with satisfaction, it’s the conception itself and the core of everything an individual can create when connected to the upper realms of data.


The Fool stands for the last word connection between opposing sides and qualities, speaking either of incredibly strong intimate bonding or a relationship that must be dropped at the cost of mutual acceptance. It’s the purpose of middle ground where all things happening between two people are basic and necessary on the trail of Self-recognition and just part of our personal growth. A small amount distant from ties of romances we sometimes crave for, it’s the more spiritual side to a bond, where friendship is the muse for incredible things if freedom prevails too. Instinctive and sexual urges are in a way subdued, dropped at a place where they serve a far higher purpose, and only a relationship coming from pure intimacy of childlike connecting will bring exciting new pleasures.


Risky business endeavors and strange decisions are almost inevitable when The Fool shows up in your career reading. Fearless with earthly authorities, it’s proof that a change will be made when least expected, but from an extended line of troubles that led to the instant when there aren’t any other options. Since it signifies a form of the insignificance of fabric wealth, it isn’t exactly a decent signal for financial opportunities if one’s job isn’t tired of pure creativity and love.


Health may blossom with The Fool involved because it gives ultimate power of inner healing, even as it’d show strange attitudes about one’s state that are delusional or childish. All extremes are to be expected here, with the biggest message being that someone will be healthy once they appear into their authentic core and see what their inner child must say. All physiology matters will show ties to the fabric world and our ancestral line that aren’t healthy and won’t allow us to move and unleash the way The Fool wants us to be. This can be a chance to be told from our physical problems, reconnect with our body, and see its wisdom altogether. To be healthy, we must be absolved to follow our calling.


Childish attitudes, considering the circumstances. It stands for being taken advantage of because the waste of creative energy supported one’s superficial views or lacked stability, responsibility, and knowledge. This can provoke our process of evolution and “growing up” in most cases, which will be dropped at the enjoyment of carefree wandering if a robust foundation is about. One finds a way to keep their focus and structure intact while setting foot on new grounds. This can be where looking after the body and physiology and a repetitive healthy routine are available handy.


Past - The intensity of the Fool makes it an out-of-this-world ally when standing within the layout to explain your past if an artless process is in question. It shows that some things have already been set in motion, began out of purest intentions, and slowly incorporated into the fabric world. Therefore, the seed and the essence of creation show the start that led to the present point in time. It may also speak of times we were incoherent, clumsy, or a touch careless, and about others, might denote our naïve attitudes that are the muse for problems we’ve today.

Present - With this card signaling things done instantly, it requires a spontaneous and carefree outlook and our contact with the inner child willing to explore and make changes of scenery and pace in life. It would show things that we aren’t yet tuned in to, those who are just about the beginning and can be visible in days or months to come back. This is often a positive card for all travel plans, wandering to hunt information or teachings, also as new conceptions that may come from the core of our energetic impulse to try to do something big in life.

Future - In connection to the long run of any situation, this can be the cardboard to indicate change, which may be quite drastic but certainly in tune with our spirit and authenticity. Looking at the remainder of the layout, it should show that static and boring circumstances are close to becoming plenty more exciting and point out things that we are going to enjoy with lots more freedom and plenty fewer ties to the past, the fabric world, or the comfort zones we usually cherish. Showing our lack of experience in certain important issues, it calls on us to take care, reclaim information, so jump in with our hearts open for the exciting flow of life.


In its specific role, The Fool was that one wild card within the entire deck, and its names varied from pejorative, speaking of mental or spiritual poverty, to claims of insanity. In general, this can be a card that serves as an “excuse” for players to not follow suit so that they can protect their valuable card. Within the earliest decks of tarot cards, it was presented as a beggar with nothing to indicate, always carrying a stick on his shoulder, looking sort of a “wild man” with no home to return to. He has been the bearded man wearing a jester’s hat and served as a foundation for the creation of today’s Joker within the standard 52-card-deck. It was mostly depicted as a young man wandering towards the sting of something in esoteric decks, holding a white rose to represent freedom from baser human desires.

Unnumbered for ages, within the best case of “fitting into the deck,” it received its position as the number “0”, an Arabic numeral within the midst of Roman numerals of the key arcana. Within the eighteenth century, it’s been linked to the roman number “XXII” but was still thought of as a separate entity, one special card in each deck that may be the best or very cheap, looking at the territory where cards were used and native rules.