The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: The Hanged Man
  • Planet: Uranus
  • keywords: Letting Go, Enlightenment, Change, Cleanse, Feel
  • Affirmation: I bring Heaven to Earth.


A somewhat controversial card, the Hanged Man is actually about faith and letting to hire forces irrespective of what happens along the way. It shows how the skies are ruling our earthly circumstances through real, grounded situations and touchable problems. We had to face it because the skies are where one foot is tied to the cosmos of things. One must believe and rather than giving in to tension and struggle against the flow of your time, abandoning wherever it would take them. The top will cleanse within the waters of the center as emotions are the sole actual uniting force we feature within, and this card shows how we feel instead of struggling to regulate. The particular turning the other way up comes from the attribute that prefers mind over emotion, brain over heart, and matter over childlike joy. The only part of the Hanged Man staying within the same spot where the cardboard is turned upside-down is his sacral chakra. The law of beauty and find it irresistible carries into our physical existence. This card speaks of sacrifice, but all told its purity. We are to be told that every choice comes with a tag to follow and that we are to be grown and responsible for paying (sacrifice) to realize what we desire most.


Announcing big changes doesn’t exactly signify how happy the link or a brand new romance is on the brink of becoming. Instead, the Hanged Man shows that we’d like to change perspective, embraces circumstances that are out of our control. And take care to accept our partner as they’re, rather than try to vary them to suit our needs. Turning our focus within matters of our own heart that is independent of outer influences shows us what we want out of romance. And what we’ve got yet to find out, question, and untangle ourselves from patterns that ancestors left for us to resolve.


When this card finds its way into a career reading, it typically shows the spiral of things that are out of our control. It possibly points us towards other things in our life that require our attention. Reckoning the professional choices we’ve made to this point also shows that a project will end best if we don’t attempt to step in the trail towards the goal. The Hanged Man doesn’t speak of initiative or special, grand moves, new business ventures, and partnerships. But to move with the energies, the presence of the atmosphere in the hunt for our peace of mind. The main target has to air our peace, or the image could distort, and everything might disintegrate.


The Hanged Man often looks like a foul omen. Still, it’s the deepest opportunity we get to heal ourselves and ground our spirituality to repair what’s broken within. This card shows us that every one of our physical trouble comes from distorted convictions and perceptions. As our minds cleanse, we become stronger, healthier, and energized differently to regulate different areas of our lives. It reminds us to show focus, change perspective, observe ourselves within the mirror and see what our eyes hide. It won’t accept outer authorities, doctors, medications, and procedures that don’t resolve internal processes that our body is trying to push us to consider.


The reversed position of the Hanged Man seems natural in a way. Still, it shows our attempts to manage destiny that wastes an excessive amount of our energy and time. Some things should be as they’re similar to some parts of our personality. When this card appears upside-down, it shows us that however hard we try, we cannot change what should be loved and embraced however it’d seem. I demand a deep process of self-love and acceptance. I offer information about possible struggles, manipulation, sleazy or cheap alternative routes to urge things done once they aren’t the least necessary. It stands for stubbornness and our lack of readiness to accept reality as it is. This position calls on us to embrace our imperfections. Remind us to forgive ourselves for not being perfect in terms of convictions brought by people who also never thought they’re ok being them.


Past - Our circumstances were what they were meant to be. The cardboard of the Hanged Man shows inevitability, the natural flow of life, and therefore the order of things that may seem strange. Still, it is actually in our own best interest. It always changes us, allows us to rework and grow, and set within the past. It speaks of situations that clothed us to be extremely kind within the long term, although they pushed many of our buttons once we were inside them.

Present - The decision for spiritual work, meditation, divination, and letting go. This card invites us to dive into the Waters, figuratively or literally. To be who we are as we are in any circumstances which may arise, showing how beauty is often found in every problem we’ve today. It’s a beautiful ally to administer us the reversed but healthy perspective to contrast and compare with our own. Its presence during this moment shows that we can transform, change our beliefs. And eventually, release the spasm of guilt or judgment that we’ve been carrying for an extended time.

Future - Changes this card brings are never small because it allows us to determine the opposite side, interchange another’s shoes. It takes us in the middle of serenity into our daily matters through spiritual work. It’s something to strive for, our authenticity set in position, in oneness with all other things surrounding us. In a very future reading, it announces big turns, changes of pace, and ways during which we won’t be ready to control circumstances. So we can find out about much larger things in our life. It assures us that however things end up, they will be the most effective fit for our exact personal needs.


Even in distant history, this card represents self-sacrifice—the blessings of discarding our bodies for the next cause instead of punishment for the crime. In general, it had been connected with execution for a criminal offense. Still, it stood because the symbol of peace is found through such destiny, of debts repaid. Therefore, the wholeness of responsibility is set in position to line our spirit free. In Timeline, natural punishment enables us to prevent karmic debt and misdeeds from the past, bringing us to an unpleasant or dangerous position. It’s always been the purpose of full responsibility for the past and every one of our mistakes.