The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning


The Hermit is frequently associated with Mercury, Saturn, and the Virgo zodiac sign, as it represents messages from the underworld, loneliness, and celibacy, the darkest of our Soul’s deserts. It necessitates solitude and a quiet ascent toward our objectives until we reach the summit of the mountain, where we can see and understand everything and have found peace with our struggles. Even so, hiding from its role as seen through Pluto is pointless, as it is the turning point where we learn to heal, forgive ourselves, and outgrow the past and our ancestral rivers.

This card demonstrates the importance of self-care and rest to take bold steps toward our goals and the signal of ongoing inner conflict that can only be resolved in solitude and with God’s presence. No one else is visible here, implying that taking full responsibility for ourselves allows us to see which steps we need to take to embrace all and comprehend our true success in the world. The light carried here is of love and the light of our Soul’s talents and needs and could be interpreted as our inner child, which we must protect from the outside world until we reach the mountain top we are approaching.


The Hermit, a card of isolation and solitude, doesn’t seem promising in a love reading. Still, it won’t necessarily end our chances of being together, and depending on our level of awareness and the intertwined roles of the souls involved, we can see how it emphasizes the importance of personal space and boundaries in a bond that allows us to understand what we truly want with the person in front of us. It’s the card of lofty ambitions that necessitates the presence of another “hermit” to stand in our way so that we can communicate on similar spiritual levels, or we’ll be pulled away by burdensome emotions that belonged to our forefathers. It is the card of truth that is required to connect, and it has the potential to lead to the conception of new life if handled with complete honesty and devotion to each individual’s individual growth.


This card is a positive sign for a career reading, indicating a commitment to the goal and the ability to persevere until we achieve our desire’s status and accomplishments. It emphasizes the importance of Self in a team and emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility before connecting with other coworkers members. This demonstrates a career path in tune with Nature, life cycles, birth and death, and risky solitary efforts that yield incredible results in research and collective consciousness growth. Finally, this is a healer card in a career choice, where our wounds help heal the wounds of others as we learn to heal ourselves. It includes any energetic work, such as hands-on healing, shamanism, and the use of animal guides to show others the way.


Deeply hidden knowledge, Faith and our underworld values are all examples of the Hermit’s healing power. The card indicates that we require rest and solitude to find answers in meditation or sleep and the card indicates that interactions with the outside world may cause us to become distracted from healing. It’s also a reminder that there are other options for dealing with any possible state of physiology in addition to traditional medical conclusions and advice. It demonstrates how our energetic body and processes influence our unconscious world of health. It encourages us to move quickly, slowly, breathe deeply and relax until we achieve internal balance, allowing our bodies to heal and feel good.


The Hermit’s reversed position could indicate that our ostensibly divine accomplishments and aspirations result from unconscious fear. It’s a tricky position to be in our reading because it confronts us with true heart responsibility when we follow rational and concrete approaches to life. It emphasizes the importance of connecting with our emotional world rather than simply pursuing goals that aren’t aligned with our true selves. It may indicate that we’ve spent too much time in other people’s battles or hiding from our darkness and inner shadows. It invites us to commit to the truth in our hearts, to go deep so that our minds can feel the information reaching them. On the other hand, it could be a sign that we’ve given up on happiness by allowing negative emotions and loneliness to define us when it’s time to face the world and break free.


Past- When the Hermit is placed in the reading for our past, it demonstrates how our time spent in pain, solitude or even trauma strengthened us and led us to new knowledge that we may have felt hesitant to use. It’s a profound transformation of the inner world in which we had to face our demons and dark sides of life to grow, and it demonstrates how we had to create boundaries and walls towards others to heal and learn so that we could move forward with a different glow, actual to our core of personality.

Present-This card turns our quests inwards and gives us the strength to endure long-term inner battles until solutions are found, demonstrating our current ability to dig out any truth that stands in the way of progress. It reminds us to spend time alone, in touch with Nature, our Spirits and our God and it provides feedback on the information we can find within ourselves if we stop looking for answers in other people and the outside world. It speaks of our readiness to get the actual truth apart from any other person and influence from the side while still using each contact to grow, and it is a true turning point in life.

Future-  When the Hermit is linked to the future, it demonstrates how crucial our path in the coming days, weeks, or months is and how we must attend to it with dedication and focus on Self. To develop new ideas and achieve our goals, we’ll need to take the solitary path, which doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding physical contact with others, but rather a personal commitment to inner motives that have nothing to do with the outside world. It necessitates clinging to our deepest convictions, regardless of what others may do or say.


This card represents Cronus, the Shaman, and an older man holding the Lamp of Truth as it moves through different roles of the same symbolism. Whatever the indication, it always had a spiritual note to it, bringing contact with Nature in solitude and separation from the world, for religious or spiritual reasons when answers are needed in realms other than collective human awareness.