The High Priestess: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The High Priestess: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Priestess, High Priestess, Nun, Popess
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Femininity, harmony, patience, secret deeds
Reversed position: Superficiality, vanity, prejudice, secret enemies

Priestess: General Meaning

High Priestess: Tarot Card

Direct position

The card indicates that very soon information will appear, thanks to which a person will look at his life with different eyes. The High Priestess card shows calmness when a person withdraws into himself. He wants to be in a calm environment, but not in order to sort out his affairs, but in order to just be in silence for a while. The solution of issues, of course, will come by itself, but later.

The person to whom this card falls, as a rule, develops his talents and individual knowledge. He achieves what he wants through spiritual wisdom and patience. It can be very persistent and smart. Common sense is about the High Priestess.

A person becomes more self-confident, he has intuition, understanding, deep consciousness. And even the knowledge that he has known for a long time can help in solving problems that have arisen.

Reversed position

Reversed, the High Priestess card shows the lack of intelligence and problems that arise unexpectedly. A person has a streak of failure, his dreams and desires are unrealistic. As a result, this leads to a depressed mood.

The fortuneteller’s knowledge is very superficial. The High Priestess card warns that it is necessary to exclude all rash actions and show your emotions less.

It’s just that a person can do a lot of stupid things, in some way show his ignorance and megalomania. And indeed, it tends to be emotionally unbalanced under the influence of the card inverted. His judgments are wrong, his thinking is clouded. He himself becomes afraid - to make a decision. But vanity and self-confidence should beware.

Priestess: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

The card speaks of an unimportant reputation in his personal life. It can be a secret love with unexpressed feelings or a platonic relationship. The map indicates some kind of uncertain relationship or hidden from the public.

Such relationships can be called qualitative when there is a deep connection between partners. And their strong feelings, as a rule, can be known at a distance, and even half a word. People in love are able to understand their partners by their eyes, and even guess what gift a loved one will make for a birthday or some other holiday. And this really happens.

The card also characterizes the feeling of loneliness, which is associated with asceticism and mysticism. The person who gets this card is very patient and self-confident. She is ready for long waits, and often remains completely alone. She does not lose her independence and inner balance, she listens to her inner voice.

Reversed position

The card speaks of a lack of intuition, which means that a person will be guided by logic. A man may have problems in relations with the opposite sex, and a woman may have sexual lack of demand, difficult childbirth and diseases.

The fortuneteller who fell out the card defines this person as an impatient, insensitive and ignorant person. He has a clouded perception, he is not able to empathize with people.

In moments when it is necessary to show his love and feelings for a loved one, he shows rigidity and severity. It becomes easier for him to avoid this or that situation than to make a decision. Since a person is not insightful enough, he has a lot of problems that he could not even foresee.

Priestess: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The card says that promising things await a person that may be related to scientific activities and education. Just don’t force things. It is necessary to take any action only when everything will turn out favorably.

The lasso of the High Priestess will help a person to understand the inner world, become more insightful and focused. The high priestess is associated with science and artistic creativity. A person, when disposed to a situation, wants to acquire new knowledge, improve qualifications and professional literacy.

Reversed position

The card means that the situation has many hidden motives and events that cannot be judged objectively. Especially at the moment when a person is guessing. Competitors may suddenly appear, people who want to “sit” you.

Also, a person can become capricious, unsure of himself, he will have doubts and worries, unreasonable fantasies. He may become fatalistic. In a situation, he is not ready to make independent decisions, and as a rule, he hopes for the mercy of fate and believes in miracles.

Priestess: Meaning of the card of the day

The Tarot card says that a person needs to listen to the inner voice and act according to the situation. On this day, you should rely on intuition. You should not look for explanations and justifications for those questions that you do not want to accept.

It is necessary to appreciate the time, and every second of this day. Be with yourself, turn to your inner voice. Be sure to show kindness to the people around you, keep your mind and feelings clear. You do not need to be active in your affairs, it is better to wait. The card can hide secrets and inner wisdom, as well as remind a person that he forgot about something important.

Priestess: Card Advice

The Tarot card encourages a person to observe himself, as well as the people around him. It is very important to monitor the situation in order to make the right decision. And even if a person is doing the right thing, he may not give himself an account of this.

While a person has not yet been able to understand his feelings, it is not advisable for him to take rash and quick actions. Do not rush things, all good things will happen.

And even if it seems that everything is going well, still do not rush to drastic actions, be vigilant and reasonable. It is better to go slowly and sedately, as they say: “quieter you go, you will continue.”

Priestess: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
All secrets will be revealed
Ace of Wands
All obscure moments will finally be revealed
Ace of Cups
Don’t reveal your feelings to anyone
Ace of swords
You become a hindrance in someone’s path
Ace of Pentacles
Salary in black envelope
Relationships are dishonest
King of Wands
Soon you will reap the benefits
King of Cups
Working with subtle matters
King of swords
King of Pentacles
Complete success
Queen of Wands
Secrets from colleagues
Queen of Cups
Better keep your inner peace
queen of swords
You will recognize the woman who ruined your marriage
Queen of Pentacles
You’re wasting your talent
Knight of Wands
No enemies
Knight of Cups
secret mission
Knight of Swords
Obstacles to improvement
Knight of Pentacles
Reliable and smart leader
Page of Wands
Page of Cups
sudden meeting
Page of swords
Someone is trying to reveal your secret
Page of Pentacles
Need to wait a little more
The acquisition of knowledge
Two of Wands
Your thoughts will become material
Two of Cups
Marriage in secret from relatives
Two of Swords
Too passive attitude towards life
Two of Pentacles
Money related scams
Reluctance to give in to temptation
Three of Wands
Save the information you have
Three of Cups
A place where addictions are treated (for example: Alcoholics Anonymous club)
Three of Swords
The news will knock you off your feet
Three of Pentacles
secret investment of money
Let it all go
Four of Wands
All cards will be revealed
Four of Cups
Fate sends you signs, pay attention to them
Four of Swords
Think carefully about your actions
Four of Pentacles
Increasing Wealth
Don’t tell friends
Five of Wands
Quarrel, getting a skill
Five of Cups
bad news
Five of Swords
Revealing the secret
Five of Pentacles
Someone is trying to hide their shame
Possession of a secret
Six of Wands
You need to set a clear goal
Six of Cups
What you hide from childhood will become apparent
Six of Swords
You have very powerful information
Six of Pentacles
The appearance of a patron
Passive attitude towards life
Seven of Wands
Seven of Cups
Seven of Swords
Think over your plan
Seven of Pentacles
Disappointment in life
You can find out the secret only by turning on the logic
Eight of Wands
Getting new information
Eight of Cups
True motives are still unknown
Eight of Swords
Getting important news
Eight of Pentacles
The information is false
Nine of Wands
Don’t believe everything they say
Nine of Cups
Don’t tell anyone the secret of your happiness
Nine of Swords
You will learn the secret that will turn your world upside down.
Nine of Pentacles
Better think your plan
Don’t trust others
Ten of Wands
Lost dispute
Ten of Cups
Ten of Swords
Realization of truth
Ten of Pentacles
Inheritance, family secret
The ability to adapt will be to your advantage.
Black magic, lies
Abortion, premature birth
The Gift of Dreaming
Lies, mistress
The truth will come to the surface
Birth of a child