The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: The Magician
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Watchwords: Creation, Synchronicity, Manifestation, Divine, Word
  • Affirmation: I tune in to and follow my inward voice.


The Magician is the number 1 conveyor in the card deck, conveying significant energy for fresh starts throughout everyday life. In any case, its job is considerably more than that since it conveys information on all components and the magic of life itself and intends to carry messages from divine beings to simple humans. The genuine test of this card and those addressed with its upstanding position is to share their insight and all that they convey in their heart with others in their life. The card talks about impediments of verbally expressed words and pathways that should be implicit in our association with others. A genuine progression of feeling can be set up with trust and confidence in the more noteworthy motivation behind every relationship made. This is a card of higher information than reading about and is exceptionally intense for such a creation that comes from one’s abilities and unadulterated standards throughout everyday life. Interfacing us straightforwardly to our subliminal world and the flashes coming from it, it may show messages that will come in dreams and contemplation. It achieves fervour in life and motivation to move to satisfy the spectacular potential we believe we convey along.


Romantic tales contacted by the Magician are in every case huge and significant for one’s profound way. This card accentuates trust and optimism and could call attention to some correspondence issues between two partners they aren’t mindful of. Opening ways to higher information and Divine love may show up when the relationship needs an intercession and saving from higher domains. As a rule, it is a great card to have around when your love life needs support, for in any event, when it is switched and calling attention to negative parts of a bond, it is a message sent directly from “over” that profits you to the confidence that everything fills a lot bigger need at any rate.


The Magician is incredibly certain for all imaginative professional endeavours and shows the motivation that can be utilized for material addition. Then again, it brings information, lessons and widens the horizon for every one of those engaged with enormous tasks. New things might be refined through imaginative work, while extraordinary thoughts discover their approach to appear and get joined in frameworks that have been obsolete and stuck for some time. It brings up the significance of all information assembled on desk work and development. It shows that specific things should be checked twice, particularly when an excessive number of individuals are associated with unique and conceivably effective undertakings.


In wellbeing perusing, the Magician might be somewhat precarious and talk about psychosomatic issues or issues that are difficult to analyze or see by standard techniques. Then again, it offers us a chance to discover the perfect specialist or healer, utilize elective techniques to help our physiology, and lift the progression of feeling that will, in the long run, set us free from medical problems of any sort. This is a card that shows us how amazing we really can be in beating our deterrents and manage issues we’ve been served unafraid, eventually bringing up our capacity to recover, approach higher powers, and take in the glorious white light to recuperate our whole otherworldly being, so our actual plane can recuperate.


With the Magician switched, we never know where we stand, and words could be misshaped, with errors as it were that we’d prefer to keep away from. It shows how troublesome it very well may be to show our actual core when we aren’t sure of our force and strength and might bring up specific dishonesties and inconveniences of the brain that harm our present circumstance. Things aren’t what they appear and what we think we know isn’t as evident as we’d like it to be. Additionally, its turned around position may show that things we believe are awful for us will, in the long run, set us free, and poisons will be delivered and drop down the channel. A few frustrations are essential for our viewpoint to mend and lead us to more sure perspectives throughout everyday life.


Past - The Magician’s appearance here discusses things that may have been misconstrued or dimmed for reasons unknown or those that sharp us on the way of our actual mission throughout everyday life. It fills in as the establishment from our enthusiastic world, talking about abilities that have been utilized admirably or those that haven’t been uncovered on schedule, contingent upon its encompassing cards and the current inquiry. It holds the ideal, the messages from the universe of upper circles where spirits guided us to this point on schedule and gives a solid significance and reason to the circumstance we have today due to our significant decisions.

Present: When this card shows for right now, it opens various doors before us and shows the variety we are confronting that may be puzzling on the off chance that we aren’t as animated to move a specific way. However, it emphasizes imaginative and innovative undertakings, and every one of those thoughts that appear to be inaccessible, however, may emerge with sufficient dauntlessness and a decent arrangement. This card expects the centre to be utilized. Otherwise, openings may slip us by on the off chance that we don’t know enough and aren’t fiery enough to finish.

Future: Given the idea of the card, it is superb to have the Magician show us the path later on. It talks about help from higher circles, our touch with otherworldliness and the motivation we will suffer in specific undertakings. His miracles are numerous, and he is rich with synchronicity, the enthusiasm of life itself, and profoundly intense for every one of our longings. It shows that the way before us will change into something better, give more strength to our feelings, so we can make ourselves more joyful than utilizing strategies and battling for accomplishments we figured we ought to from the start.


The imagery of this card is to show the association between Heaven and Earth and has been creating this over the long run to show its way. The Magician was first the specialist of stage magic and played with cups and balls later on (the cups addressing the component of Water and the suit of cups from the minor arcana). Images have been added, from a vast numerical sign to the last portrayal. He has every one of the four components of the minor arcana – wands, cups, pentacles and blades, showing the card’s exceptional association with all spaces of our reality on Earth. Its set of experiences shows how our association with the profound world has advanced over the long haul and includes more domains of our reality into one entirety.