The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: The Moon
  • Planet: Moon
  • keywords: Rhythm, Tides, Dismissal, Buried Feelings, Depth
  • Affirmation: I fill every void in my Soul with love, acceptance, and trust.


The main theme behind the tarot card of the Moon is repressed emotion. Irrespective of the depiction, it always stands for the darkness of our Soul, things we’ve yet to face and heal, and is an edgy card. It’s the symbol of dreams and subconscious messages we would value more highly. Follow and show us how our inner world reflects within the outer one through our intimate relationships, out of our control, or anything affecting them. The carrier of memories experiences healing and brings out all those dark, buried emotions we haven’t metabolized once we found ourselves in certain situations. Except for its troubling signification, it’s the tarot card that sets us free and the one to indicate we can dig deep. We have to get in tune with natural cycles around us, intercommunicate a healthy routine, and vividly recover from our inner world so we will get out.


There are two possibilities with the Moon tarot card, one in all of them (a more common one) being that fear governs us as we hook up with another. Our subconscious world flows over and drowns our opportunities for actual intimacy. Perhaps we are hiding our frailty from the opposite person, or they’re hiding theirs. Still, this scenario could get extremely difficult over time if we don’t connect and are available closer and closer, step by step. The opposite option given by the readiest of the moons is found in mutual healing of pain shared. It tells the story of those two that can face their demons and cope with their darkest wounds. Contacting, trusting, and being open, so both can finally stop feeling alone.


The Moon could stand as our final calling to come back to our senses and eventually stop trying to be “professional and rational” over our healthy boundaries. It’s a serious warning call when seen during a career reading, for it points out the dismissal of emotion, which may endanger us through others or our condition. Things could turn sour, circumstances showing us that we aren’t on the proper path, with teamwork failing and leaving us bruised. Large, professional changes that may inhale light and life into our everyday world and our everyday habits might be experienced.


All problems of the body come from self-destructive tendencies that are brought on by our sorrows. The anger we shove inside, and every one of those frustrations, we decided to compromise with it. The Moon won’t allow us to rest until we feel good in our emotional world so that our bodies are satisfied. It’ll typically show problems with the neck, heart, and lungs, as we keep our sorrows and socially unacceptable emotions bottled up inside. So as for the body to release the spasm, we’ve to permit ourselves to be vulnerable, deeply wounded, and as fragile as every other individual is in their invisible core.


When the Moon is reversed, it speaks of obsessions and delusions that won’t allow us to rest and put us in a sad state that we can’t spin from without help. It incorporates human contact and emotions to heal and outgrow things that bruised us within the past. This setting speaks of truly deep emotional wounds that didn’t heal before because the timing wasn’t right. Stagnant energies make our hearts stop and won’t allow us to breathe. It shows the number of labor on Self needed to urge out of toxic waters, delusions, or strange sorrows that may belong to some other person from our kin. It’s a chance to sink into the inner world and will be viewed as a blessing, for it’ll meet us with parts of Self that are yearning to be acknowledged our whole lives.


Past -This card already contains a special reference to the past through memories that keep us tied and won’t allow us to evolve without confrontation. Here, it comes because the signal that everything we stock in our minds includes a message of special value. Showing events and folks points out that our reaction to outer influences keeps us repeating certain patterns. The negative choices today, even years after our memories are formed. Showing images from our childhood that are painful or distracting from our talents and happiness should set us freed from behavior towards Self that isn’t our own. Still, the way others have treated us then.

Present - There seems to be no way around the situation. While we would attempt to avoid our reactions to this setting, they’ll only become stronger. We want to work out which side of our personality we feed while keeping ourselves in check. Self-expression becomes one of the foremost important issues with the tarot card of the Moon set within the present. It reminds us that no emotion must shove under the rug after they are all meant to be shared with others in pure connectivity and intimate trust.

Future -Love will, of course, set us free. Still, the method towards it during a future reading doesn’t exactly leave lots of your time for festive activities and casual contacts. This card shows that our mind is preoccupied with overflowing emotions and easily has to be let loose, or they might destroy our sense of freedom from within. We are to seek out just what quantity bravery and forgiveness is required so as for growth we desire to happen and make us as happy as we wish to be. Joy is found behind the method of deep personal transformation where we get in reality with our “dark feelings,” embracing them as our own.


Showing the night sky and speaking of its ruler, this card always depicted an evening scene. A lady becomes independent from instinctive and animalistic entities meant to point out her the way. It’s been known to talk of fear and limitations of the intellectual light and guide us towards animal spirit guides that may show us the remainder of the way. Strangely, this card held deities almost as customary in history, all of which posed in their passive roles with wolves and dogs howling around them. To explore for attention, intention, initiative, and a strong, energetic focus of the female that brings everything in tune with the rhythm of Nature and every one of its cycles. The repressive atmosphere of the drawings has shown change with the collective transition of common patriarchal societies to a more open approach towards the female.