The Moon: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Moon: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Moon, Twilight
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Dream, fear, self-doubt, deceit
Reversed position: Chaos, misunderstanding, profitable change, anxiety

Moon: General meaning

The Moon: Tarot Card

Direct position

The lasso testifies to something hidden and unconscious when it comes to the dark sides of a person, about his secrets. The card can hide such a secret that can result in danger. In a person’s life, unpleasant moments can occur with the manifestation of emotions (envy, jealousy). And now is not the time to test yourself for strength, to show your courage.

The card warns a person from danger, she advises him to be careful, tracking his every step. And all because many events that will take place will not always be subject to man. A person will face unpredictability. The information that he will receive will be incomplete, and all because the person himself refuses to face the truth. There is a danger of falling into someone’s trap, sudden changes are not ruled out.

A person will face difficulties and obstacles, but it will not immediately become clear how serious they are. It is very easy to stumble and make a mistake. If recently everything seemed clear, now darkness. It’s like day and night. During the day we see one picture, and at night completely different sensations.

Reversed position

It cannot be said that the Moon carries some kind of threat, but nevertheless, the card is characterized by negativity and danger. In fact, an inverted Moon can be called our fears, fears and premonitions. In turn, the moon may indicate nightmares. If a person has a terrible dream, he can worry about this for a long time and be afraid that the dream will someday become a reality.

A person under the influence of the Arcana can become entangled in his fears and feel insecure. In addition, he is afraid of damage and sorcerers, he is frightened by the circumstances associated with mysticism, robbery. By the way, the Moon indicates the fact that a night robbery is not excluded.

Obscurity, instability, lies are visible in the circumstances. A person refuses to accept the people around them as they are with all their qualities and weaknesses. He clings to his usual conditioning, efficiency and rationality, especially in a moment of confusion.

Moon: Meaning in love and relationships

The Moon: Tarot Card

Direct position

The lasso may indicate that a person will not be confident in his partner, the relationship will not seem to him long-term and promising. Under the influence of this card, unexplained circumstances may appear that affect the development of relationships. People often, when the Moon is in love and relationships, tend to build “castles in the air” and dream, they have well-developed intuition, they believe in illusions.

The card is characterized by difficulties and ambiguities in circumstances in which a person tends to feel a sense of fear. He seems to be wandering in the dark, not having a solid support under his feet. Someone will spread rumors behind your back and deceive. Do not talk about the sincerity of relationships, they have a hidden meaning.

Reversed position

In relationships, there is a lack of information, unreasonable jealousy, concern for the future with a loved one who is capable of deceiving treason. There is instability in the family, which will manifest itself not only in the feelings of the partner, but also in his intentions and promises.

It may happen that a person finds out that his relationship with the other half was originally built on deception. As a result, there will be quarrels and scandals. Do not exclude more vile acts in life, which can easily happen under the influence of Arkan.

Moon: Meaning in situation and question

Direct position

In a situation, the Moon card indicates fears that relate to incompetence and lack of experience. The card cannot indicate how likely these fears and experiences are. After all, it may turn out that there is no reason for fear at all.

A person cannot even be sure of the future. He doubts all the time: “Am I doing my job?”, “Will I find a job?”. There will be many situations in life associated with deceit and confusion. The card indicates fraud, organizational intrigues, unclear circumstances, confusing labor relations.

Reversed position

Arkan warns of ups and downs, when completely unforeseen circumstances can be expected in a situation. Of course, there will be difficulties and problems along the way, and this is inevitable. True, he will not always be able to find the reason for their appearance, but on an intuitive level, he will acutely feel the trouble. Only now the source of all problems lies not in the signs of fate, but in the person himself, who himself is looking for a reason for doubts and worries.

A person has to go through trials related to the dark side of life. But if he can soberly assess what is happening, then he can easily cope with the dark streak.

Moon: Meaning of the card of the day

The day may seem unfavorable to a person. The reason for this may be a bad dream that you had. You should not attach special importance to your dreams, and scare yourself with ghosts and mysticism.

If a person is faced with some important business (even if unpleasant and difficult), one should not avoid it. Indeed, after overcoming fear, something new and interesting will surely follow. You just need to gather your courage and take this important and responsible step.

The day should be accepted as it is. Despite all the fears, albeit with slow steps, we must move forward, not backward. Later it will be possible to discover how much you have achieved.

Moon: Board card

Learn to overcome your fears. If a person can get rid of his fears, then he can make a significant leap forward.

The Moon card will help to overcome, correct and improve everything. Is it possible to allow ghostly difficulties to stand in your way? Of course not. And you need to resist real problems, not to mention some doubts. Do not be subject to illusions and delusions, show clarity of mind.

Moon: Combination with other cards

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