The Star: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Star: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Star
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Hope, inspiration, education, spirituality, creativity
Reversed position: Losses, doubts, disappointments, pessimism

Star: General value


Direct position

The star shows hope, changes for the better are taking place. The lasso symbolizes the sunrise, but the dawn is just coming. This means that a person will have any new ideas that he will be able to bring to life. He is sure that a better future will come soon, he dreams, makes plans.

Maybe a new acquaintance or a new love will appear, existing disagreements will be overcome, mutual understanding will come, talents will develop, insight will descend on a person.

Arkan says that the era of serenity has come, the difficulties are left behind, the prospects will be very promising. You need to wait, but inaction should not be in vain. Your wish will come true, and your plan will end happily. There is no need to wait for a new road to open right now, immediately. Or manna (gold, dollars, the minister’s portfolio) will fall straight from heaven, but the prospect is about to appear over the horizon.

Higher powers are ready to turn their favorable gaze on you, so they will definitely give you some kind of sign showing you the new direction of your path. Try to pay attention to secret signs. It could be the words or title of a song you heard by chance, the title of a magazine, an article in a newspaper, an ad on a lamppost, and more.

Reversed position

If you have a question about the relationship of a person to you, then the Star inverted indicates that it is useless and stupid to rely on this person. And maybe not safe. Don’t put your hopes on this person because you will be disappointed. He is able to destroy your plans, laugh at them, appropriate the fruits of your labors. You did, tried, and he came to everything ready, one or two, and he was king, and you were left with nothing to do.

Also, self-confidence can cause loss, and hopes will be doomed to a deliberate failure. The realization of your desire is delayed, but because the person either doubts too much or is too self-confident.

Star: Meaning in love and relationships

The Star: Tarot Card

Direct position

In a direct position on the event, the Star predicts that the relationship will be long, plans will come true, marriage will be happy, business partnership will bring good results, friendship will be strong.

If you ask how a person feels, the Star indicates love or sincere friendship. The union will be promising, so the couple may well make joint plans. It is possible that a person will meet someone else, and a strong friendship or something more will grow out of acquaintance.

In terms of love and feelings, the star tells you that a date will happen and you can look forward to a longer relationship.

Reversed position

Your plans will be destroyed, and powerlessness may take possession of you. Hopes will be deceived, hands will drop, things will not move forward. Whatever you do is useless, it feels like you are hitting your forehead against the wall. Perhaps you are ready to howl in desperation.

Star: Significance in situation and question

Direct position

The sun is about to rise, hope for the best. If a person asks if his loved one will recover, and the Star in the upright position falls out to him, this means that his health will improve, the patient will recover. The operation will be successful. If there was any crisis, there will be improvements.

In business, things will go uphill, a new round will come in creativity. The actor will be offered a good role, the musician will perform at a prestigious festival. That is, if you hope for something, then you hope not in vain.

Reversed position

The inverted Star is categorical - there will be a collapse of hope, opportunity. The person doubted himself too much, was lazy or short-sighted, or there is a crisis. When it comes to health, then an inverted Star means depression.

Star: Meaning of the card of the day

You need to appreciate the opportunities presented to you, believe in yourself, that’s what the card advises. Higher powers favor you, even if your goal seems unrealistic, the plan is crazy, there is no need to stop, you have set yourself a goal, and nothing will stop them.

Prospects will go beyond certain agreements, and a person will see obstacles, but at the same time he will see how to overcome them.

Star: Board card

The Star: Tarot Card

The star says that you are tormented by doubts, such a period is not favorable for different plans. You may not gain something, but rather lose it, this is what excessive self-confidence will lead to. You have taken on too much, perhaps it was not necessary.

Maybe you do not believe that the new business will be reliable? Or do you doubt yourself? Maybe you’re just being stubborn? You reason and doubt, you are cautious, but most likely all this will not be necessary. Sometimes the lasso testifies that a person will make any plans, and then, as if on purpose, he wants to harm himself, and begins to destroy them.

Star: Combination with other cards

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