The Tower: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Tower: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Tower
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Complete collapse, purification of the soul, conflict, insight
Reversed position: Oppression, restriction of freedom, time to start over

Tower: General

Direct position

The tower indicates that very strong changes have occurred or will soon be in your life. Most likely, these same changes will be unexpected, not always desired. It can either take off or fall. A person can quarrel with someone, hate someone very much, fall into aggression, break ties, get involved in some kind of crime. Life will change very abruptly, there will be a shake-up.

Most often, people who are experiencing such a period of destruction begin to ask the question - why do they need all this, and wait for an answer, but they will not wait, because the question is fundamentally wrong. One must ask why this shock was given.

The map depicts destruction, lightning strikes from all sides. Higher powers will intervene, insight will come to you. So if you feel like you are sitting in a swamp, then you can rejoice, because this period is already ending.

Reversed position

In an inverted position, the lasso indicates that the black stripe will come to an end. Yes, perhaps misfortune will threaten, but you will somehow manage to avoid it. It will seem that everything is completely bad, but unexpectedly, as they say, it will blow you away.

Sometimes you can try, but destruction will continue to occur. Here it is recommended to clarify the question, it happens that it is set incorrectly.

Tower: Meaning in love and relationships

The Tower: Tarot Card

Direct position

In the upright position, the lasso indicates that the relationship will most likely be destroyed, even despite the fact that earlier it seemed that they had been tested by time.

In matters of love and relationships, lovers will have a crisis. It all depends on the strength of their feelings. Perhaps the partner causes you any suffering, both moral and physical, but it will all end.

If you are married, then the lasso says that you are likely to be divorced. Either the period will be very difficult, it is quite possible that you will find out that your spouse is cheating on you.

Reversed position

The inverted lasso states: the relationship is hopeless, but there will be no break. A person really wants to maintain these relationships, and this desire will keep them for some time. Here everything must be analyzed depending on the relations themselves. Perhaps they should still be torn apart. An emotional outburst is inevitable, you can be very disappointed, then worry.

If the lasso falls to a married couple, this means that you do not want a break, despite his behavior, but this is useless, because he was about to leave anyway, and it is pointless to hold him. Like it or not, the partner will leave, it’s only a matter of time.

Tower: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

In matters related to the current work, the lasso says - most likely, you will lose your job, or be demoted, or not pay a bonus. You will need to find out if the contraction will occur. Reports are not executed, conflicts will occur in the team, the office will be transferred to another location, and the manager will find fault with every mistake. Competitors attack from all sides, and the former authority will be lost. You may even be fired.

In the scenario of health, this lasso is not the most favorable, because. an accident or an accident may occur. You can not drive a car, if it is still necessary, you must follow safety measures. The Arcana Tower symbolizes the heart, hence all the problems in this area.

Reversed position

The inverted position of the lasso Tower symbolizes the loss of motivation, creative inspiration and a complete lack of desire to do anything. But on the other hand, if a person asks if he will find a new job, then the inverted Tower will please him.

As for health, the inverted lasso speaks of mental imbalance, the manifestation of depression, sleep deprivation, decreased appetite and psychological crisis.

But for people who have survived a serious illness, or some kind of operation, the Tower predicts a favorable period, the main thing is to follow all the doctor’s recommendations.

Tower: Meaning of the card of the day

The lasso says - everything has changed in your life, you have lost what was very dear to you. However, the past cannot be returned; a lesson must be learned from what happened. Perhaps in the future you will realize that this loss was favorable for you.

If the Tower is upside down, this means that you still have opportunities, but they are limited. It is best to protect yourself from nervous stress, determine what exactly you want.

Tower: card board

The tower warns you, whether you like it or not, but your life will change significantly, and it is best to come to terms with the changes that have come.

You can scream and panic, blame fate, but after a while your opinion may change. It is possible that all the relationships that you had, you no longer need, it’s time to get rid of them.

It is possible that the job that you had is also not needed for your development. So try to treat the situation with a healthy sense of humor, calmly sort it out and see what pluses you have.

Tower: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Change of activity, dismissal
Ace of Wands
Cataclysms, home destruction
Ace of Cups
You will suffer from your bad habits
Ace of swords
bad news
Ace of Pentacles
Spiritual decay
There is a chance to start life from scratch
King of Wands
Status upgrade
King of Cups
King of swords
King of Pentacles
Success at work
Gaining experience
Queen of Wands
Lack of creative success
Queen of Cups
Unreliable partners
queen of swords
Queen of Pentacles
You build happiness on someone else’s grief
Knight of Wands
Sudden collapse of plans
Knight of Cups
Get hurt by scammers
Knight of Swords
Knight of Pentacles
Failure to complete the task
Business failure or divorce
Page of Wands
Bad experience
Page of Cups
Page of swords
big spending
Page of Pentacles
Failing test exams
Changing the value system
Two of Wands
Plight, no way out
Two of Cups
Rekindling a relationship with a former partner
Two of Swords
Misunderstanding, annoyance
Two of Pentacles
The disappointment of life
The end of the relationship
Three of Wands
Breaking the contract
Three of Cups
Fall of prestige
Three of Swords
Fall of ideals
Three of Pentacles
Financial problems
Accident, vehicle damage
Four of Wands
Broken, needs to be repaired
Four of Cups
Four of Swords
Help from an ally
Four of Pentacles
Endurance, tenacity
Five of Wands
Don’t be afraid of enemies, be afraid of bad friends
Five of Cups
Disappointment, illusion
Five of Swords
Loss of funds
Five of Pentacles
Difficulties with finances
Relationship breakdown, feelings of loneliness
Six of Wands
Dismissal, lack of power
Six of Cups
The death of a friend
Six of Swords
Long haul
Six of Pentacles
long journey
Getting news, joyful change
Seven of Wands
You are a hostage of circumstances
Seven of Cups
Mental disorders
Seven of Swords
A responsibility
Seven of Pentacles
Your life is at stake
Punishment for sins
Eight of Wands
Be careful not to say too much
Eight of Cups
Something will happen because of you
Eight of Swords
Destruction of hopes
Eight of Pentacles
Problems communicating with other people
Severe trauma, fateful event
Nine of Wands
Implementation of the plan
Nine of Cups
Nine of Swords
Empty sacrifices
Nine of Pentacles
vain hopes
Abrupt changes, strong influence from outside
Ten of Wands
Kara, fate is testing you
Ten of Cups
Gossip, slander
Ten of Swords
Ten of Pentacles
vicious connection
You will be able to avoid a strong shock
Loss of a large amount of money
sudden breakup
Gaining new experience
Fate gives you one more chance to fix everything
Recovery of vitality