The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: The Tower
  • Planet: Mars
  • Keywords: Collective, Freedom, Destruction, Falling Apart, Loss of Structure
  • Affirmation: I discharge my feelings of dread and open my Soul to Trust.


Hand tailored, constructed tall, the Tower addresses our human struggle to create something significant, steady, and protected in life that may be broken by the group, the force of Nature, or the aim of the Universe. When our most grounded convictions can be destroyed by the situation and are mentally incredibly painful, this card means we can eliminate our most ground belief. The ground will shake underneath our feet on the off chance if we have made our reality circumstance that isn’t significant and on top of psychic supervision and our most functional establishment. Our place in this world might as well fall aside if it is set in some unacceptable stone, where our actual, real character never had its value in the prime place.

Exploring well-being will be distinctly free, virtuous feelings, however dark or troubling they may be as long as they are our own. Any remaining everyday issues, character, approach to adjust and arrive at incredible and elevated places are going to self-destruct so we can be confronted with the center of Self in the entirety of its agonizing and delightful magnificence. If our desires and objectives have been set on misleading misconceptions tricks, what we have constructed was never bound to last in any case. Following the Devil shows how things will self-destruct on the off chance if we still depend on our off-base tricks.


Symbolically, the Tower in an affection perusing may show the “pinnacle of cards” around to fall, disappointment being the most common indication. The reason and the presence of a bond are to be addressed. This card may show that partners are engaging with one another, occasionally in any event, getting hitched because they look great together instead of cherishing each other genuinely. While they may share a common concern for an objective, the difficulty comes as they face the unavoidable sadness coming from a particular decision of partner. The actual Universe tests such a relationship as though their oblivious universes have likewise joint in a common reason to look for something more from life.


Complex for the field of one’s calling when it is worked for status or accounts without a higher reason to be taken care of. The Tower can assist extraordinary pressure measures, and the whole design is falling, leaving one broken, alone, and segregated from the expert world they belong to. It models for when we are to construct a more genuine personality, let go of privately-owned companies that don’t move us, block professionals and our dads, only to ascend high dependent on faith in ourselves as opposed to depending on any scheme and structure of success. It could be isolation or our chance to see blames and slip-ups made to our previous constructions so we can assemble on another one of solid establishments.


Addressing the group’s impact and destiny that can’t keep away from, the Tower may report some genuine medical problems, heightened from one mark of pain, to stretch out to a wide range of signs that nobody comprehends the center of the issue. It might highlight damage itself as something that should be manageable if we wish to protect our body and guard it against our reckless inclinations. The destruction we run from in our souls may cause genuine confusion inside our lungs and delicate inward organs, sacs, and cycles that don’t manage as well as we imagine we are okay with whatever the issue that profoundly torments us.


The measure of difficulty welcomed on by the Tower card will not change contingent upon its upwards or switched position. However, our capacity to manage the pressure can be profoundly upset in turn around the setting. Our feeling of direction shaken to its center calls attention to how we may respond and feel the conditions in our day-to-day existence as harmful. It is a greeting for us to secure ourselves, invest energy alone, and center around things that drive and motivate us regardless of our general surroundings might be self-destructive as we are deep inside. It faces us with Hell on Earth. Living in ambiguity will lead us nowhere if we abandon our inner truth, not like other cards that confront us with the regenerative yet draining power of specific external changes.


Past - This is the best position where the Tower can be found, for it shows how we have taken care of complete disturbance that prompted the change of our establishment and our whole character, however from where we have endured. We are still here, intended to accomplish something throughout everyday life. Regardless of how intense the conditions were, they have shown us where we weren’t right, what we ought to never depend on again, and how our goals may all self-destruct on the off chance they aren’t regarding our central purpose on planet Earth and the genuine calling of our internal identity’s cravings and gifts.

Present: Things are tumultuous and self-destructing when the Tower influences our now, undermining significant establishments throughout everyday life, warning us if we haven’t made them organized and stable enough. It calls for alert, leaving something for a windy day, confronting the possibility of disappointment in long-haul projects, and the profound interruption on close to home limits and our usual range of familiarity. It is a place where we lose the ground underneath our feet, lose external things and provisions of the material world to track down our a lot greater reason and strivings, love for Self, and the delight that keeps us living free even without external constructions to cover and ensure us.

Future: If all that we have and all that we are chipping away at today may implode, vanish and blur, how might we respond? The Tower card set in our future is a profoundly upsetting test reported, one that solitary leaves sacred and untainted aims, qualities, and actions working. The time has come to depend on ourselves instead of relying on any external framework or group of friends. Our reality will go through requests of our strength, aside from every other person and each of those obscure convictions ordinarily dealt between many.


This card has been utilized in divination just since the nineteenth century, even though it played hundreds of years prior. Early painted decks don’t have this card, and in certain varieties, it was excluded even though it was the piece of a deck. The portrayal of the card has shifted incredibly after some time. Yet, it has clutched the picture of copying and fire, emblematically demonstrating the aim and the enthusiasm that drove specific conditions out of our control. A few forms of the card had bare individuals in them; others showed the Devil at the mouth of Hell, a consuming structure, all of which comes as an expected outcome of the card going before it. It was attempted to reference the scriptural story of the Tower of Babel, synthetic and annihilated by God. The form Minchiate is considered to address the removal of Eve and Adam from the Garden of Eden.