Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Three of Cups
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Watchwords: Tribe, Celebration, Friendships
  • Affirmation: I fearlessly talk reality.


Three of Cups is a card of imparting open and close data to friends and family and our approach to discover a spot in groups of friends that are good for our feelings. It is a card that carries the opportunity of self-articulation to our entryway and underlines the significance of gathering support for the current circumstances we are going through. It is a spot among individuals we can trust and conveys female energies where feelings are uninhibitedly shared, and we feel like we have a place regardless of what has been going on in our life. All accounts are gathered together into an entire, with nobody missing from the gathering and nobody getting outdated, and the progression of thoughts and imagination comes from conceptualizing that makes everybody cheerful and clever. This card means a conference or a festival, time spent in social events of close individuals, or our longing to assemble everybody at home. It demonstrates that there should be an extrovert that can communicate without limitation and inhale without disgrace or the feeling of troubling obligation regarding conduct, among others.


Although very passionate and prepared to share and spill reality out, this card implies many contacts instead of cozy one-on-one connections throughout everyday life. In an affection perusing, Three of Cups could discuss the gathering of individuals to which the two people have a place, putting accentuation on correspondence and having a home with a clan, instead of a feeling of closeness between two. It is additionally the card of kin and close relatives. It might show up when one’s relationship has arrived at where the partners see each other as siblings and sisters with all the enthusiasm, want, and fervor of another adoration gone. When encircled by antagonistic characters and impacts, this card may point the interruptions of one’s family into their heartfelt bond and interfering that could put much weight on cozy contact.


When set in a lifelong perusing, Three of Cups indicate significant and sound collaboration, cooperation that brings substantial outcomes, and the gathering of individuals motivated by comparative qualities and reasonable goals throughout everyday life. It shows solid synchronizing between various characters. Everybody has their shoes to fill and the correct situation to deal with, utilizing their abilities in the ideal manners for the current setting. This card represents sharing internal most touchy necessities and skills in our working environment, prompting individual achievement if we trust the desired individuals and follow our sentiments when speaking with others.


Three of Cups will be found in well-being regularly when we are worn out on corporations that conceal our actual character when healing can be found in friendly contacts that help our opportunity. It might call attention to our issues with thyroid capacity, throat or neck, or show that we need to find an approach to communicate our longings regardless of the doctrine we face each day. It represents healing from a gathering or inside a group, in some cases even a custom healing, and focuses us towards ashrams and foundational treatment, just as moving schools and undertakings we can impart to individuals who love us to recuperate.


With the Three of Cups turned around, the primary thing we should ask ourselves is if we are acknowledged or attempting to adjust to a gathering that isn’t resounding with our heart. Broad mingling could deplete one’s energy away, and the absence of harmony between blending with others and alone time could genuinely make us drained or diverted from our actual objectives and communications. In search for individual flexibility, this position remains as an update that it is wiser to be distant from everyone else than to be confined and wounded in the organization of others.


Past - When set before, Three of Cups will be the breeze in our sails and evidence that it has consistently been ideal to be what our identity is. It is a token of individuals who consistently adored us regardless of what we decided to do or which way we chose to follow. As far as one critical second, this card may discuss a gathering or a get-together of companions, one where we have been in the progression existing apart from everything else, permitting ourselves to move diverted by our social part into some fun and daring new encounters.

Present: The current hued by this symbolism puts us directly where we can make, mingle and associate. It is a cheerful feeling existing apart from everything else that acquires us contact with mental endeavors and makes an association of heart and psyche through connections with others to be utilized for everyone’s benefit. By and large, this is a decent image of a sound, enthusiastic state, for whatever occurs in some other everyday issue, we generally have adoring contacts in our family or companions to fall back to as help and solace. It is an ordinary supper we appreciate and the show we will go to in a gathering, just as each one of those plans at home isn’t designed by any means.

Future - Fun occasions are declared and shared endeavors that may lead to new headings we have never expected. This card assists us with the understanding that our exceptional commitment to any gathering will be of worth, perceived, and valued by others, advising us that we will have our spot in the correct environmental factors on the off chance that we are allowed to sparkle as ourselves. Calling attention to the significance of trustworthiness advises us that we don’t have anything to be embarrassed about inside our clan.