Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Three of Swords

Planet: Saturn

Keywords: Ending, Loss, Pain

Affirmation: My sadness doesn’t define me.


This card depicts a fundamentally sorrowful experience— tarot readers suggest this may be in the form of a lost relationship, an accidental death, or some other state of not just depression or malaise but deeply emotional sorrow. When the card appears “reversed” in a spread, this is not usually read as meaning the “opposite” of sorrow, but rather a sorrow that is somehow mitigated by its circumstances or that is not as bad as it could have been. It is among the most negative cards within the tarot deck. We are to remember that the Three of Swords belongs to the Suit of Swords, not Cups, and its emotionally burdening nature comes from overthinking and our inability to forgo the emotional flow. When our reason holds in relationships and solutions that are too static or burdening for our emotional world, separation comes as a painful matter encompassing a lesson to show. This card brings feelings of loss and those emotions accumulated by settling and compromises we made within the past. In its purest manifestation, it brings the liberating experience of pain that’s finally released from our system as we accept our circumstances and people, even as they’re. Although it is often quite depressing, it’s a positive foundation to create something new but won’t bring much promise to our current settings and relationships. Things will become easier over time, and that we are to permit ourselves to feel the pain so we will move through it rather than staying stuck. Perspectives and beliefs are meant to vary and adapt to find the aim altogether in situations that may come.


This is a heartbreaking card, one that typically signifies a breakup or the top of a romantic relationship. However, its Saturn-related role makes us wonder if there have been any longer sacrifices to be completed and shows us the number of guilt and self-deprivation we can undergo just to carry on to the image of something that may be toxic or bad for us. Yet, on the other hand, it shows commitment and reminds us that we’ve endured through things that others would toss aside, giving us thumbs up for all that’s done and, in a way, allowing us to act differently as our debt has been repaid.


With Three of Swords set in a very career reading, an excessive amount of one’s world can be sacrificed for a specific career goal. It could bring the top to a partnership or pull together any circle of expectation vs. reality battles that couldn’t end for a long time. This is often an uneasy decision after we must break something valuable or make our decisions overnight, and when we’d rather hold on to things that are making us happy for ages than move forwards with life. In its most difficult setting, it could warn us of the likelihood that we will be relinquishing the employment we love. We are to come back to terms with the fact that everything happens in mere the proper time and serves a higher purpose within the end.


Although this might seem like an ominous card to work out in an exceeding health reading, it’s, after all, an awfully good sign that the storm has passed and everyone we want to try and do now’s unfettered of the emotions that collected within the process. This card shows that we want time to grieve, cry out, and connect with our inner child to cleanse our hearts of beliefs and rational choices that we thought were good for us. It’s a time to test our convictions for adequacy and only hold on to those who lead us towards beauty and private satisfaction. It could point to issues with force per unit area, lungs, or heart, as proof that we must release the spasm, rest, and permit any negative emotion to flow so we will understand its message.


Three of Swords found reversed during a reading is the refusal of emotional ordeals and suffering that’s needed so as for our soul to grow. Someone can move if they chase their feelings away, trying to be rational and holding on to beaten trails that won’t cause satisfaction until the emotional world is cleansed. Unfortunately, the impulse to safeguard ourselves from pain prevails and keeps us far from evolution, and it’s necessary to face our inner truth, however painful it would be.


PAST - Three of Swords are going to be found in our past because of the time of sorrow that’s finally left behind us, reminding us that we are now in a different position which we once felt plenty worse than we do today. It’ll typically show once we lack gratitude and confidence about issues that we’ve, after all, accomplished along the way and offers us a clearer perspective of the emotional world we’ve built by now, whether or not we failed several times along the way.

PRESENT - With this card in our present, we can release and drop unchained and go into a unique future. It signifies our resistance to the flow of our time and also the flow of our own emotions, as we are pressured to become older and face the facts rather than holding on to any style of illusion. It’s a reminder of sadness we already carry within, telling us to line it free and permit ourselves to determine where it comes from and shout. We must move through the pain to achieve the sunshine at the tip of the tunnel.

FUTURE - The long-run colored by the Three of Swords doesn’t leave much room for compromises and unhealthy choices, and that we will face a situation that couldn’t be avoided while we tried hard to avoid it today. It signifies our boundary and, therefore, the moment in time once we won’t be prepared to handle the identical bruises anymore.