Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Three of Wands

Planet: Moon

keywords: Commitment, At Peace, Clarity

Affirmation: I am in tune with the rhythm of the Universe.


Standing for a vigorous, initiating, and fiery side of the Moon, Three of Wands is the call of emotion we followed in the right direction. It’s a vibrant card with the force of emotion on its side and stands for our foundations that are respected, quick moves we must always make, and steps are already taken that are just proving to be potent, intense, and satisfying. This is often an excellent image to indicate in any reading and any area of life. So it is that the connection of will and emotion, of feminine, passive choosing, and evocation, with the masculine, brave initiative to follow our dreams. Trust is implied, further as one’s abilities to succeed. There’s no more dilemma, just the observation and planning for the long run that ought to be stable, centered, and focused enough to tug us through.


When an element of a love reading, Three of Wands, shows a fine line of balance between emotion and reason, initiative and passive joy; still, it’s a card of solitary responsible goals that reminds us to appear for an opinion of the person standing ahead of people, to determine if our wills and desires coincide and if they’re stable even as we are and prepared to push the identical concepts into a shared future. This card is promising on a personal level and brings our attention back to Self from matters of togetherness which may have shaken our core in the recent past. It’s also a degree of a healthy emotional choice where our energy is within the right position. Regardless of what might happen with the opposite person, we will be standing on our own two feet.


Three of Wands symbolizes the purpose of inner balance and commitment to the goal. It won’t announce any grand changes but rather shows stability in our current situation and, therefore, the sense of satisfaction and professional growth from that position on, at a steady pace. The large image isn’t yet clear, but it doesn’t need to be for one to understand that they’re feeling good when they’re creative enough and in tune with the peaceful waters of their heart. It shows a stable working environment where we will blossom over time if we show all our true quality.


A good ally for health-related issues, Three of Wands, is to attach our awareness with subconscious matters resulting in physical problems. It’s a reminder that we’ve taken a specific course, led to the present point in time, and shows that we are on an upwards spiral and cleansing from past struggles and tensions that are no longer a problem. It announces a period of stability, dedication, and commitment to a healthy routine and requires enough time for rest and a balanced lifestyle to stay us under its blessings.


When Three of Wands is reversed, it’s going to entail our impatience and the incontrovertible fact that we aren’t awake to it instantly. It warns us to not surrender on our true calling, to remain loyal to past choices and see them through, before we turn our convictions around and lessen our own goals for the sake of ease. It should show misfortune that we must endure and reminds us of the items we are currently working for, showing us that there’s the simplest way out, whether or not we cannot see it instantly. It’s imperative to own faith within the process that we’ve already given out guts into.


Past - Within the past, Three of Wands represents our stability, focus, and dedication to a particular issue. It would remind us of the inspiration we once felt to carry on to our goal or show a state of inner health that after was but isn’t here anymore. It reassures us that we’ve done well. Although we haven’t had all the knowledge to succeed in perfection, we’ve been well on our way to the private fulfillment and joy of missions accomplished.

Present - This card comes up for this moment in time after we must stay firm and stable and when self-doubt isn’t any longer a difficulty. Giving us info on the stable flow of energy that goes down roads that meet us with our inner child affirms our current situation and everything we’ve got done that led to that. It’s a card to ground us, bring us into this moment, to remind us that we are here and already doing our greatest with what we’ve been given. This is often meant to spark gratitude and keep us on our chosen path in an exceedingly healthy atmosphere of private freedom.

Future - Citing the direction to follow, Three of Wands in our future shows that we should always strive for private stability and make choices today, which will keep us committed within the future. It’s a card of lasting projects and relationships, stable inner states that will fluctuate but are always a manifestation of our creative impulses and inner needs. It’s the support of our potential and motivation found in things we wish to make and expand our horizons. What we are starting and pursuing will reach its steady waters and the point of stability.