Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Two of Swords
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Keywords: Indecisive, Conflicted, Overthinking
  • Affirmation: I recognize my authenticity and live it.


Two of Swords is interpreted in many ways. On the one hand, it stands for an absolute balance where we are turned to our inner world and holding on for our next move. Conversely, it’s the purpose of conflict where nothing is seen, misunderstandings, and words spoken without focus until they lose all meaning. This card requires solitude and a moment to hold back, hesitate, leave our options open. We will fiercely make our choices with the correct energetic input when the time is true. Suppose we’ve got a dilemma to resolve. In that case, it shows that we are meant to remain throughout this dilemma until we feel what the proper path to follow is. Overthinking isn’t our friend here, while it would seem to be, and also the right sensation has to be found in our psychology to contact with self. It can be the reason the heart is inward, and most cards address a blindfold lady. She isn’t meant to see outside and see where this sword points, but feel it to where she is supposed to maneuver next.


Two of Swords sometimes speak of extremely passionate encounters and show the purpose where we are not any longer to talk but act. For somebody single, this is often a chance to work out what they have from their future partner to evoke someone to suit their world. Be it a breakup or a marriage. It is often a standing quo, an instant once they shouldn’t make any great moves until they’re certain that their relationship is prepared for the subsequent phase. It is often a card of quarrels and conflicts that aren’t productive and hurt both partner’s common manifestation. At the same time, none of them takes an instant to see what is found on the opposite side. Parallel relationships are possible if the balance is found, or they’d tear our hearts apart.


A career colored with the Two of Swords won’t exactly move much for them at that moment. It can be an intermission button for any hasty need and chase we are attempting to begin. The point of balance that we are meant to in for a while is to see where our next step should lead. Success may not multiply, but to people who already followed the responsible track, they’re going to remain stable and produce even as much as needed to keep things simple. It can be a chance to arrange other areas of life, important relationships, and our physical well-being to get out the maximum satisfaction from our professional world in due course of time.


When Two of Swords is involved in an exceeding health reading, it speaks of a difficult time. Afterward we might get hurt and suffer through some painful issues if we aren’t stable, rested, and in an inner dialogue that enables us to heal. It forces us to show the inner processes directly, so we can finally protect our physiology from the impact of the outer world. Here, we are meant to carry our fences, spend our time alone, sleep, meditate, and not let anyone move into the routine we feel is correct for us.


The Two of Swords will be found in a very reversed position when we aren’t prepared to maneuver towards things we are rushing to succeed. It is often an intense warning for us, as our rational world pushes us over the constraints of our heart and our body, making us tired and unstable. It tells us not only to wait for the proper time but to take a step back and check if we even want to travel down the trail, we already chose or not.


PAST - During this position, Two of Swords reminds us of the decision-making process that made us feel powerless or restricted. It’s there to indicate that some calls might have been hasty. It stands for our ability to shield ourselves with silence and seclusion. We were pointing to times once we did with ease to see the particular results of our dedication to our first internal calling. We’ve been happy with this card in our past.

PRESENT - Fairly often, this card is interpreted as advice to think some more. Still, it’s the purpose where we’d like to prevent overthinking, over-talking and begin to have faith that we will, on our own, make our personal decisions. It carries responsibility and blesses us with the maximum amount of time. Necessarily until we see the reality clearly and don’t have any more dilemmas about the next move, we must always make. It’s telling us not to rush, close our eyes, and seek answers secluded from the outer world of conflicting beliefs that folks around us live by and impose.

FUTURE - Within the reading, for the long run, this card shows the importance of self, as active or passive, because it measures within the moment. In a way, it’s a message that there’s no future to hope. But the one we are creating immediately and shows that if we keep rushing, we’ll hit a divider that will not be effectively beaten except if we make a plunge and question our ethics and needs. It announces a time once we will have to protect ourselves from the outer world to move through any challenge in our path swiftly.