Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Two of Wands

Planet: Sun

Keywords: Choice, Bravery, Authentic

Affirmation: I listen to my inner child.


Two of Wands require time and ask for patience so as for any situation to be seen clearly. While its setting is usually positive, with the planet right there, in our hands, it is demanding in terms of non-public focus and choices that are the core of priorities we currently have. Our initiative may be misleading or take us in two different directions, while our energy seems to be torn between the past and the future or two other goals we wish to realize. Something is in contradiction, and things that ought to combine well are in some kind of conflict in our inner world, distracting us from real focus and steps that require to be taken one at a time. It’s the cardboard of self-doubt, insecurity when it involves personal choices that need contact with the inner child and might show that we are following both an outer authority and an inner one, at the identical time, once we should simply shed what isn’t ours to hold on our shoulders. The Sun likes things in Unity, and also, the split in two makes it wonder where the middle ground is.


When Two of Wands is found in a very love reading, it shows the unification of two different people that have an opportunity to try and do something meaningful together. Still, the balance of such energies may be challenging to realize, especially if there’s an ego battle and too many tails from the past that keep both partners more stagnant than they want to be. It can signify a relationship that we don’t seem to be yet ready for or show that the one we love hasn’t yet arrived. This card asks for private stability, so any balance is often created with the opposite person, irrespective of if we are already married or single and expecting to fulfill someone new. It’s a symptom to ask ourselves what we truly desire out of our making love and to end with old involvements that do not make us happy, to be truly open for a replacement romance.


Career moves should be postponed for a bit while or made slowly when Two of Wands colors our professional world. Some old influences, projects, and essential issues must be led to brand spanking new ones to start. The person cannot tackle the burden of the latest responsibility on her shoulders until the past is finally addressed. We could have a tough time balancing the opinions of others and their attitudes as we don’t want to settle on the sides.


There is a way of risk-taking within the Two of Wands, and that we are torn between choices that keep us safe and people that make us feel alive. a bent of self-destruction and an excessive amount of stress over issues that ought to be simple points of intent on possible stomach issues and sickness that results from indigestion troubles. Therefore, a stable opinion and attitude must be set so that no outer conflicts of willpower can penetrate our fences and influence our physique through stress which will be avoided if we are faithful to our material existence and nurturing with our routine.


If Two of Wands stands reversed, it pushes us into our inner world to test our motives and sense of ethics and purpose before taking steps in any direction. This is often a card that needs contemplation in any setting but turned upside-down, it pulls us into solitude, meditation, prayer, and speak to with our spiritual self until we embrace the very fact that none of our possibilities may be that the right one and that we are meant to appear in a completely new direction. It wants us to determine the larger picture and think outside the box, so we can have the sense of inner authority to create any call with faith within the intent of the Universe.


PAST - Two of Wands set within the past reminds us of a time after we made a specific choice that we remained loyal to up to the present day. It requires us to require responsibility for that choice, whether or not we choose to try to do nothing in the least and remain in our bubble of comfort where little is changed over time. This card is here to allow us to understand how our patience or lack of it influenced our course of destiny and needs us to urge to the core of our desires once more.

PRESENT - There’s a plain option to be made, and it shouldn’t be rushed today. This position points out the worth and importance of patience and tenderness with Self once we are within the process of constructing a fiery move forwards on our own. No advice should be taken lightly, and that we must ask ourselves if we are holding on to specific values out of fear or because we are truly satisfied where we are at the instant. Safety isn’t guaranteed in any of our options, but our inner child only wants to be brave for one in every one of them.

FUTURE - A choice will eventually be made, whether or not it isn’t today. When set within the end, Two of Wands warns us of the trail we are taking straight away because it may well be distant from the goal we wish to realize. It shows that we are going to eventually need to take responsibility whether or not we’re off the hook for now. It announces times of changes when doors will open, but we would be hesitant to run through them, however optimistic our nature is.